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Questions about Self-employment eligibility

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Xit, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    In the past 3 years I've applied for Express-Entry but sadly because of various factors I wasn't able to obtain the visa for emigration. Recently I've come to believe that I am, in fact, more eligible for the PR (Permanent Resident) through the Self-Employment program.

    I don't want to waste your time be presenting my whole case so I would just like to ask for your help with some questions and aspects of the program I'm unsure about.

    As far as some basic details are concerned:

    Age: 29, myself and my spouse
    Country of residence: Romania
    Experience: - I already have 1 year of experience in NOC2282 (I was employed but not my own company)
    - I founded my own company since in May 2017 with the profile of graphic design. No income yet from that as I am part of a large project that isn't finished.
    - Not sure if it matters but I also have a positive LMIA from my cousin's company when I tried to apply under the Express Entry Program
    Education: master degrees for both my and my wife already credentialed by WES.
    Language abilities: IELTS CLB7 for myself, but expired. IELTS CLB5 for my wife (expires in December 2018).

    My family are also citizens of Vancouver, BC and that's where I plan to start the graphics firm I mentioned.

    My important questions are:

    1. What is the minimum IELTS score required to apply to the Self-Employment program ? Does my spouse need one as well or is it the same as Express Entry ?
    2. My company is about to come into some funding that I'll receive in January 2019. This will require me to shut down the current firm I own and start a new one with the same profile and domain of activity (graphic design).

    When I make the new company, will the subsequent experience gain merge with the experience from the previous firm ? (the one I started in 2017). Not sure if its relevant, but I was and will still be be the sole owner, so there are no shares involved. I also want to mention that during the existence of this earlier firm, I was not employed by it. I was/am just the owner. However, if required, I can provide evidence the firm worked in the aforementioned project.
    3. Does this program have a minimum profit margin in order for me to qualify for it? The project I've been working on is worth over 40.000 CAD and after that's over there are others lined up.
    4. Am I allowed to keep the company working here in Romania, after I move to Canada through the Self-Emplyment program ?

    Thank you very much for your time. I really appreciate any answers you may provide :)
  2. NOC2282 experience won't qualify you for the self employment stream.

    If there's been no income, then your other experience can't be counted (work experience has to be paid).

    I don't see how you qualify to apply at this time.
  3. Thank you for your reply.

    NOC 2282 is my experience when i applied trough EE ( it was just a information which i wasn't sure if it is relevant or not) .

    As said my company that i founded in 2017 is working on a big project which will be paid at the end of this year , so i guess that counts as a income right? if i am the owner of the company and i have no employees .

    I really appreciate if i could get some answers on the questions below:

    For instance if i have a company now and i want to make a new one next year, same profile same owner :
    1. do they count together as one?
    2. does the experience resets once i change the company?
    3. and what is the minimum experience required as self-employment?
    4. do i have to be employed at my own company?
    5. is it enough that i own that company without being employed on it?
    6. can i still own a company once i leave my country for Canada? or do i have to close everything here 1st?
  4. Anyone can help me with some answers? i would much appreciate it :)


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