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Questions about extending my student visa

Discussion in 'International Students' started by raistlinn, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone,

    My student visa will expire on January 2020, because that is the expiry date of my passport. I have my new passport with me and currently, I'm in Canada. I figured out that I need to fill out IMM5709 form but I don't know what to write for some parts.

    Firstly, I was in a different program within the same university and this year I started my new program on their website it says, if the program change was done within the same university so I do not have to declare that.

    1)for Current country of residence part, does it start from the day I arrived in Canada to the day I'm sending the document? Or my expected graduation date?

    2)For the passport number my old passport has my student visa, should I write the new or the old number?

    3)for my national ID, there is an expiry date but, there is no issue date. Should I leave it blank? Because I can't write N/A

    4)For the education history, since I've changed my program, do I need to write my old program in that section or not needed?

    5)Can I sign the document on Adobe like an e-signature would that be a problem?

    6)In required documents part it states that I need to submit my passport photocopies do I need to submit both the new and the old one?

    7)Lastly, I need to submit an immigration document could it be my study permit or something else?

    8)Lastly, how long is the process and where do I need to mail my passport?

    Thanks in advance.

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