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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by torezmid, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. in "im5257e" form For visitor(Tourism ) visa i have three questions :
    a) in Question 9 about "country or territory where applying" and the answer is -Yes or -No
    we dont have canada embassy or VAC in Iran and i apply online but i have to go to another country for biometric ;
    b) In Education field :
    should the students have to fill it? How do i fill it if i am student and haven't finish bachelor degree in university .
    c)in Detail of visit to canada field :(3)
    (3) funds avaialbe for my stay f: how much funds is needed for 15 days ?
  2. You're in Iran even if you apply online, right? (Assumption: Iran is both your country of origin + your country if residence)

    Answer: Yes

    Everyone with/without an education must fill this.

    Answer: Your current study program (up to the current date)

    The sum total of your liquid finances + not borrowed from anyone (or it could be financial support from your parents, but not the finances of your Canadian hosts)

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