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Question regarding WES

Discussion in 'Education' started by amolbawane, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Hi All,
    Me and my wife want to register for WES to get reference number for PR purpose.I have done BSc +MCA and my wife she did BSc+ MCA+M tech, my question is do we need to get transcripts for bachelor's and Masters both or only Masters will be sufficient?
    Just want to know which documents I need to provide to our University?

    And one more thing do we need to create separate login?

    There are 2 options select application as WES standered Application and ECA application for IRCC which I need to select?

    Please do the needful.

    Amol B.
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    I believe answer to your first question is it depends in which University and Country you and your wife did your Master's degree. I have my Bachelor's from India but did my Master's from an accredited University in USA. I did not want to deal with the hassle of getting official copies of my Bachelor's degree from India as I currently reside in the USA, so just got official transcripts of my Master's degree and sent it to WES and WES evaluated it as being equivalent to Master's degree in Canada. I guess if your Master's degree is from India then WES may need Bachelor's degree too to make accurate evaluation or chances are they may underevaluate OR may ask for Bachelor's transcripts later. So, if not too much trouble I would recommend sending both Bachelor's and Master's degree information to WES if your degrees were from a developing country and a not so well known Institution. My friend from India got both Bachelor's and Master's degree evaluated.

    Yes, you need to create separate login for you and your wife.

    You need to choose the ECA application for IRCC option. See link for more details: https://www.wes.org/ca/evaluations-and-fees/eca/

    I had doubts like you so called WES and asked them on such questions. You can try calling WES too.

    All the best!

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