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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by asianculture2010, May 3, 2012.

  1. Hello All,
    I have been reading this forum for quite sometimes and i have questions and i hope to find answer from you guys.
    I am a Filipina and i will be getting married to a Canadian in Hongkong.
    1) Any idea how early can i get a copy of marriage certificate with NSO paper?
    2)Does my Cenomar will be change to married when i got a marriage certificate with NSO paper?
    we would like to file the spousal sponsorship right after our marriage and i have been reading that it will take a while to get a marriage certificate with secured paper from NSO. do they accept cenomar and marriage certificate from hongkong, in case i will have problem getting the right documents?
    Thank you for reading my post and more blessing to all of us.
  2. Hi! Call the Hongkong Philippine embassy or consulate and ask how long will it take to have ur marriage certificate available at the NSO's file. My sister got married in Dubai last Oct. 2011 and I recently went to NSO to get a copy of their marriage contract but unfortunately it is not yet available and have to go back in 3-4weeks time. Ask the Hongkong embassy if u can have it endorsed to NSO in Philippines. If u get married in Phils. it can be endorsed from LCR to NSO and wait for 2-4 weeks before u can get a copy.

    Yes ur CENOMAR will change. It will reflect the marriage u have if it has already been forwarded to NSO.
  3. @asianculture2010...after ur wedding, u can use ur MC (xerox only) to submit in CIC-Miss. as proof of ur marriage(w/ stamp in LCR). They honor that w/out using the NSO Copy of ur MC.. However, u need to secure the NSO copy later f the sponsorship is already granted. Submit right away ur MC docs to LCR as early as u can & paid some proc. fees..they give u a copy of the claim stub for follow-up after 3 mos. The LCR will submit ur docs to NSO-NCR for encoding...wait 6-7 months & u can request ur CENOMAR & MC copy from NSO anywhere in the Phils.(send authorization letter to ur nearest relative in the Phils. to process/request ur docs. in a later time).... :) ;)
  4. Hello Greentea and Sammara12,
    Thank you for the info, i hope i can do the early endorsement, i have been reading some post and they have successfully endorsed the
    MC at NSO. It means without the MC from NSO, they will not give or grant a visa? we would like to file the petition right after the wedding,
    I saw one member here that have successfully got her visa without the NSO papers, but she passed the CENOMAR and explain that the MC is not yet recorded in NSO, i hope i don't have a problem in the future, because i got married outside the Philippines.
    Anyway thanks guys!
  5. your welcome asianculture2010!...good luck!... ;)
  6. Hi Asianculture! Ur welcome. In my opinion u should go ahead of the application and present the MC issued to u with ur CENOMAR. I was in the same boat and wasted a month for waiting for the endorsed MC at NSO. I should have just sent the MC given by the LCR and CENOMAR (NSO) and gave a written explaination and indicate to follow on the MC issued by NSO. Just go ahead girl so no time will be wasted. I just got my NSO MC last Friday and sent my application package right away to my hubby. We will submit our application tomorrow May 9,2012. Have ur MC endorsed coz it will take at least 6mos. for the LCR before they send it to NSO for encoding. Goodluck!
  7. Ask the Hongkong Phil. Embassy how to endorse ur MC to NSO. I guess it takes time for the marriages done overseas to be endorsed at NSO as per my sister's case. Have someone follow it up at NSO after the endorsement.
  8. @Greentea!
    thank you so much and yes i will follow your advice guys, i will send our application as soon as possible.
    Take care!

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