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Quebec Investor Program : Current Timeline (6 years 4 Months)

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by XpressEnterprise, May 21, 2014.

  1. Want to share my timeline.

    Jan 2008 : Applied for 'Quebec Investor Program' in Islamabad, Pakistan

    Jun 2010 : CIC kept on requesting my wife's security clearance documents from Libya because of her previous residency. But, Libyan government wasn't very helpful. Sent numerous letters (with some having "tracking") and Libyan government just didn't care to even say that we can't help you!

    Dec 2010 : Was invited to Canadian Embassy in Syria for Interview. (Went really well)

    Apr 2011 : Was told that application case file getting transferred to London, England

    Jun 2012 : Was told that Libyan documents requested earlier not required anymore due to civil war in Libya.

    Oct 2012 : Medical Received & Given by all dependents

    Apr 2014 : Received Medical Again. Given by all dependents

    May 2014 : Main Applicant received letter by post. Saying that I need to do ECG (current status). Went to Medical center and they said that they haven't received any letter yet from CIC. So, currently waiting!

    What do you think are the chances now? Any ideas or comments would be well appreciated? I've also heard that in Feb 2014, they terminated Federal Investor and Business visa programs. Does this affect my application in any way?
  2. first of all i would like to tell you that the feb update wont effect in any kind of manner to your case.
    well for pakistan i think they took little bit more time then other countries.Its been like 6 months and i havnt received my medical letter , the medical process is very slow and there is no time limit. One of my known send a mail to embassy about the delay they replied them to wait for another 6 months for their case. You can send them a mail to know about the stats but the better thing is to just wait they took very long time on this process its very unfortunate that u have gone thru medical 3 times after the clearance of medical they ll allow to visa in just 2 or 3 months , if that take too long for the letter then you can request them thru mail.
  3. I completed my medicals (and further medical tests) in last week of June 2014. So, now I'm just waiting for the update from CIC.

    I've also requested for GCMS notes, but haven't received them and it's been more than 45 days already. Already sent email to Ottawa's Department
  4. Hi,

    Was going through my files, emails and papers... and realized that I've already done the following in March 2012

    - PPR1 (Submitting copies of passports)
    - RPRF (Right of Permanent Residence Fee)
    - 2 x Passport sized photos

    Only after submitting these, I received my first medical instruction on 29th August, 2012. Then, the next communication I received was on 29th March 2014, to do medicals again.
  5. I got my eCAS updated as Decision Made with the following line added

    A decision has been made on your application. The office will contact you concerning this decision.

    I also received an email from RIH (with PPR2 instructions in attachment as 6-pages PDF) a couple of days back with the following line:

    Your visas have been issued, please find attached the email

    I've submitted my passports + photos via TCS at the following address:

    VPU Processing (LDN)
    Immigration Section
    Canadian High Commission
    Sector G-5, Diplomatic Enclave
    Islamabad, Pakistan

    Letter also warn that one should expect to be without passports for 4 weeks due to visa processing. CIC also advice applicants to contact IOM's Cultural Orientation Abroad (COA) via their Email
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  6. By the Grace of Allah Almighty, I have received my Passports and COPR today ... therefore completing PPR2 stage. (on 1st day of 2015) ;D .

    I am so much happy & relieved ... and most of all.... thankful to all the people who have assisted me with this process. I wish them all the best of luck for their immigration process.
  7. That's great news Xpress and after quite a long wait. We almost had the same processing times, except yours was Quebec and ours was Federal.

    It such a relief. Congratulations!

    Next step, prepare to land! :p I am sure you must be aware about the documents to bring as well as the goods to follow and good accompanying lists. (We used excel for that). Experienced quite a quick, hassle free and a very friendly landing!

    Hope you experience the same.
  8. Thanks a lot noosh. Yeah... it's a great relief. In your case, you were extremely lucky that your case got approved just before they terminated federal applications. In my case, I was extremely lucky that Quebec Immigration decided not terminate provincial applications.

    Yes! I have read Qorax's thread, which is very helpful. I've also heard Officials are extremely friendly and welcoming.

    I'll definitely update you. I am planning to depart in March, but lets see.
  9. Trust me it felt like a miracle when we heard our application was finalized before royal assent. We really cut it very close. Makes you think about fate.

    Good luck. Will be you landing in Montreal?
  10. Yeah. It was cruel to cancel the whole programme.

    Thanks man... Yes! I will be landing in Montreal. Where are you?
  11. Toronto :)

    Next step for us; aim for that citizenship. Unfortunately, we will have to wait longer to get our citizenship than past applicants, they have really made it tougher. But one hurdle at a time, thankfully we've come this far.

    Don't forget to try some poutine!
  12. Hi, XpressEnterprise

    many many congratulations. Appreciate your paitience you have waited such a long time. Have a wonderful life. Stay blessed!
  13. That's great! Toronto is the place everyone always look to establish themselves in.

    Yeah! I've heard about the C24 bill too... but I guess 4 out of 6 years is also not bad (for gaining citizenship)... Yeah... one hurdle at a time.

    LoL ... Yeah... I'm a foodie ... will definitely try Poutine!

    Thanks a million Mani85 ... I've also sent you private messages in regards to your issue. Hopefully that will help!
  14. XpressEnterprise

    Thanks alot for your support.
  15. My Pleasure mani85 ... Anytime!

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