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Quebec Investor Immigration 2015 (can you stay in Ontario - Toronto)

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Mmadani, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. This is a question most bothering me regarding staying in Quebec.
    Is it important to stay in quebec after you land there in a investor catogery immigration.

    Because many consultants tell us that its not compulsory to stay in Quebec, just after you receive your PR, you can move or shift to whichever province you like, & complete your 3 or 4 years stay & apply for citizenship.

    But my doubt is , will they (Quebec Govt) after 4 or 5 years during my citizenship process ask me that did I stayed in another province & if stayed in another province, can they refuse to issue the citizenship & passport.

    Would really appreciate your kind answer in this issue.
  2. Did you sign anything (with the Quebec government) that you must live and invest in Quebec for a certain number of years before you can move to another province? If not, then you certainly can move to another province right after you land in Quebec.
  3. If you want to stay in Quebec, you apply under Quebec's immigration routes. If you want to stay in Ontario, you apply through their own provincial or federal immigration programs.

    Now, if you have applied under Quebec's Immigration program, you must have signed Schedule 5 Form which basically ask for your intention to reside in Quebec. So, in plain words, you MUST reside in Quebec (or at least show that you have made an attempt), otherwise they might say you intentionally misrepresented ... which is BAD ... BAD news!

    On the other hand, every PR holder is protected under Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and in it, Canadian Mobility Rights (Section 6) where a PR holder can move freely in Canada.

    It is quite possible that in future, they may bring up such law where they find out that many people just want to use Quebec as backdoor, thus barring you to acquire citizenship. This would term as misrepresentation.

    Over here, one guy suggested that moving anywhere in Canada after PR is okay
  4. Thanks & Appreciated Dear for your really informative details. But it sems that it would be really difficult to move to another province after signing the Schedule5 form, which is a must I assume due to the documentation & filing procedures & it could later lead to false statements. Do you know any immigrant, who's already immigrated for Quebec as investor & is staying in Toronto ???
    Brothers it would really help me a lot if you could really confirm to me this issue.
  5. Frankly speaking, there are many who just go straight to Toronto after landing. Toronto is way more expensive than Montreal as well. So, just explore your options first and at least make an effort to settle in Quebec before deciding 'enough is enough'

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