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Quebec Investor, Confused about processing times

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by shahabshd, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. Hi, This is Shah

    My father applied for Quebec investor program in 2010.

    We got our CSQ in 2012, and file number in July 2013 (interview was in Istanbul, Turkey)

    Here are my questions:

    1) Because our interview was in Turkey, does it mean that our Visa Office is Turkey?

    2) Processing time for Ankara, Turkey is 51 months now. Does it mean that we will be asked for medical documents 51 months after our file number (July 2013+51 months)?

    I really appreciate your comments and sharing your experience in this regard,
  2. Hi Shah,

    It really doesn't matter where your interview is held and normally Visa office is where you are
    residing which you have not mentioned but for example for me I am Indian living in Dubai
    and my interview was held in Quebec and our visas were processed at Abu Dhabi VO.

    There is no such thing as visa processing times meaning you never know how long it will take
    but from what I have calculated processing time is from the initial time you submitted your
    file i.e. in your case in 2010.

    My file was submitted in October 2010 and I just got my visas etc. in May and we are landing
    in Montreal by mid August.

    All the best and if you need any help then feel free to ask.

    God bless!!

  3. Hi Shah,

    Brother Vizsagar is absolutely right. You have to understand the fact that visa office is assigned according to the place of your residence at that time.

    For example, Ankara VO is responsible for handling PR applicantions from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Cyprus, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria (source)

    London VO is responsible for handling PR applicantions from Channel Islands, Denmark, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen & Pakistan source)

    So, it depends on the which country and which VO is assigned for your region. Regading interview, I applied at Islamabad VO and later on, my file was transferred to London VO and my interview was conducted in Syria. Vizsagar had his interview conducted in Quebec but his file was handled by Abu Dhabi VO. So, it really doesn't matter where your interview was conducted. Your original VO remain the same, unless you are told by CIC themselves.
  4. Bro you get right answer above i am gonna give u a practical one
    Now sit n scold ur self for appling the investor :p ;D
    I have wait for about 5 years to get the process done interview held 2 years back in hongkong..medical wait for abt year...
    I would say the thing is jus only wait....i got medical few days bck....
    Timeline for everyone is 5 years
  5. No. It's not 5 years throughout. Processing time is different according to applicant's VO. Fastest is at Mexico City (16), New Delhi (17) and Cairo (19). However, CSQ's timeline is not added. But, I have seen people getting through in 3.5 years as well.

    ( Source )
  6. Dear XpressEnterprise,

    I am from Pakistan currently working and resident of Saudi Arabia. I want to immigrate to Canada and currently I am pursuing Express Entry procedure.

    Still I am confused which path to follow and need some expert opinion and guidance. I was browsing through this useful site and I have noticed you are very informative about all different aspects of Canadian immigration.

    I would really appreciate if you could help me in this regard and if possible we could talk offline.

    My email address is mofaisy@yahoo.com

    Best Regards,
  7. As this is your first post, welcome to Canada Visa forum.

    I have tried emailing you, but haven't heard of any response from you. I'll explain you in a nutshell as how you can proceed.

    There are more than 60 ways of immigrating into Canada.

    If you have legitimate funds (around $800K or $ and have been in a managerial position of a business for some time, you may apply as an immigrant in an economic class immigrant, however that would take around a year or 2 to process. Express Entry generally require 6 months of processing time only (after getting PR invitation). So, it all depends on your circumstances.
  8. So for Hong Kong, which VO should it be? Thanks in advance.

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