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Q. 9 (c) in the application

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by buddha, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. The question 9 (c)

    "During your eligibility period did you live outside of Canada?"

    I did live a long time outside Canada but in my case, that time does not count towards physical presence .

    So, shall I check yes or no.

    It seems this question is designed for people whose time outside counts towards physical presence under special conditions as shown when you open the help button next to the question.
  2. This question has been asked countless times in this forum...
    The "best" way to answer is to go by the book, answer yes because, well, that's the truthful answer. Add that crown servant form, sign it and put n/a everywhere. And feel free to add an explanation letter saying that you're not claiming any day of physical presence outside the country.

    IRCC may correct their form at some point, but until then...
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    thanks for the reply.
  4. I answered YES in question and didn't fill out crown servant form at all and I got AOR

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