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prtd process in Tanzania

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by Kiksumu, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. hello

    Has anyone sent an application for prtd in Tanzania?. If yes how long does it take to process it?. i received the tracking number on august 3rd that they received my application/passport and a few days later it said my application is being processed.
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  2. Hi I applied for study permit from VAC Dar es Salaam on 18th April and still waiting....God knows whats happening.

    On the VFS tracking site since 4 months it says your application is being processed...
  3. I have also sent my prtd application to VAC Dar es salaam, few days later,received an email from them,asking me for more supporting docs, i sent the documents to them right away throuh their enquiry email.so i want to know if i did right by sending the docs with email.
    Is the email ok ?
  4. Did you finally get the PRTD
  5. Yes i did.
  6. How long does normally it takes to process the visa?
  7. What is PRTD?
  8. FMAS were you finally approved or not after a long wait of time? am in the same situation as you right now in 2019...Dar es Salaam is the slowest ever...please keep me posted kindly
  9. i think iam in the same situation .i applied on 24th january 4 avisit visa but upto now no response...... anyway forward . but when i check on vfs website response is your application is still being proceesed at the dar el salam visa office is this normal

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