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Aug 9, 2019
First i lived before in UAE & was born there in 25 -Jan -1996, my father immigrated to Canada Toronto in 19 -Jun -2003 it's also the date i've become a PR holder, then in 21 -Jul -2003 my father returned back to UAE i was too small to remember or to know the reasons he went back of course me & all of my family returned with him .
In 08 -Jul -2004 my father returned back to Canada with the family & my mother gave birth to my brother on 03 -Aug -2004 & he is right now a Canadian citizen, we stayed in Toronto untill 16 -Aug -2004 & returned again to UAE .
In 08 -Jul -2008 before 2 days from PR expiration me, my father, brother & sister only(not all the family) we got back to Canada of course we all was underage to understand why we went & returned to Canada several times & we don't know what my father was doing everytime, then we got back to UAE in 21 -Aug -2008 without the PR Cards only with my father's PR, why?? really no one in my family knows because he wont answer, after getting back to UAE we traveled to our original country Palestine Territory, & now we are living there untill today, so when i became old enough (19 years old) i argued my father about the PR Card and he always avoids me, so i searched in his Canadian files that he kep, & i started to contact the Canadian embassy in Israel,..etc & after 4 years of gathering informations & contacting the embassy, the embassy replayed to me saying that " Any person who does not have a PR card, but believes that he or she may be a Permanent Resident and wishes to return to Canada, must submit an application for a Permanent Resident Travel Document and pay the applicable fees. " , so i filled almost all the PRTD application, but i'm not 100% sure that everything is right & i didn't know what should i write in the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Section (Q 19), so please help in the PRTD.