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Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Naz786, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Hi guys quick question my friend applied for PRRA in 2018 he got approves first stage. now is PRRA in Ottawa for second stage no answer yet it almost two years he only get six months work permit every time.but he can’t get Provincial picture ID and he has no passport his passport with cbsa
    1 how he get a picture I’d ?
    2 did any has positive PRRA yet ?
    3 how long take to get second stage PRRA answer?
  2. Is the situation changing in your home country? That could be why there is a delay for PPRA.
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  3. thanks for responding
    No it hasn’t the same situation it’s war zone country
    May He asked you questions
    1 How long is process time?
    2 did anyone had positive PRRA yet ?
    3. How long take he get the second PRRA answer
    4 . When he met his cbsa officer he been told he could stay in Canada Indefinite
  4. Why did the person get denied for asylum then? There must be more to this story.
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  5. Due a crime happened in past and make him inadmissible to Canada it happened 13 years ago
    Now he is worried
  6. Would listen to CBSA. Seems likely that he will be able to remain in Canada until wither his country becomes stable or he qualifies for PR.
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  7. sorry to bother you
    He’s English very weak he has a question
    It’s possible he qualifies for PR ?
  8. He really needs to be talking to his lawyer since I do not know his criminal record. To be inadmissible sable it has to be pretty serious.
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  9. What was the crime? That will make a significant impact.
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  10. Thanks for your response
    Yes his crime was very serious I advise to applied for rehabilitation application which he applied few months ago since his crime most 14 years old it cost him fortune
  11. He was charged with aggravated assault
    Felony which he sentenced for 3 years in prison but he said its-self defense but the public defender play him. tell him to he played guilty
    Since he was new he doesn’t know the law in state he listens to his lawyer and played guilty. That’s he doesn’t trusted any lawyer.
    He said never had crime in his life.


    About 12 gangsters enter in house by force assault his mom and pregnant sister and stabbed his brother
    Will it’s long story
    I really feel bad for him now he has two daughters Canadian born his wife and his daughters are depending on him

    he is worried his second stage PRRA answer he lawyer doesn’t even know will be the answer
  12. That’s why he doesn’t trust lawyer anymore
  13. Honestly, it is difficult to say but PR status is probably a stretch given his asylum refusal. His efforts should be focused on establishing himself in the community (volunteer, church , etc) and integrating into Canadian society. A serious charge like that would make him undesirable in Canada, regardless of the type of immigration. Much will depend on the person reviewing the application and how they view his status in Canada.
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  14. Hi - It sounds like your friend was excluded from s.96 refugee considerations because of serious criminality, and as such he was considered under s.97 of IRPA (for his PRRA) where there is a higher threshold for decision making and they consider risk to life and/or cruel or unusual punishment or treatment should he be deported.

    So, he isn't a Convention refugee but he can remain in Canada.

    There are still the statutory requirements to become a permanent resident and his criminality will have to be sorted out.

    How long does it take? No one knows but he should relax about it and be happy that Canada has a very sophisticated system for assessing risk to potential deportees.
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  15. thank you so much for ur replied
    He is very reliefs now but he has one question
    1 ) every-time he gets 6 months of work Permit. Since it’s just for 6 months he can’t get a photo ID and now that he just got his work permit renewed . They are not processing his SIN number . they were suppose to reinstate his SIN but Canada service office turn him down since he has no proper Provincial ID

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