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Protein in urine

Discussion in 'Health' started by leah516, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. I need some insights...
    Dec 2018 I had protein in my urine +1. And just today I received my medical request. By the way I am diagnosed with renal tubular acidosis. Will this be a problem to my medical exam? I haven't had my medicals done yet. Will I have to tell my panel physicians about my condition? Or will I just wait for them to ask me?

  2. since your urine test is likely to be abnormal you should tell the panel physician so the know why.
  3. Will it be a problem for obtaining my visa?
  4. All depends on what type you have, whether your kidneys are still functioning well and whether you have other health issues. In general shouldn't be an issue but every case is different.
  5. Thank you so much for the advice
  6. Hello,

    I have a similar issue, Protein Positive in Urine. What happened with your medical exam? Did you pass the Medical Exam with Protein Positive?
    Kindly reply thanks

  7. Hi.
    Im done with my medical on january 2019. Results were all normal. A month prior to my medical, i went to my nephrologist and he subscribe me a medicine regarding my protein in the urine. Right now im waiting for ppr.
  8. Yes i passed my medical exam.
  9. misrepresentation is a serious issue and come back to haunt you so I hope you were honest about your medical diagnosis the you were obliged to reveal.
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    I never lied/misrepresented about my medical condition. On the day of my medical exam, i disclosed to my panel physician my medical condition. I showed her my medical certificate from my nephrologist, all my lab tests and all the meds i took for my illness. I even remember a month prior to my medical exam, i was prescribed of perindopril (anti-hypertensive drug which helps lower protein in the urine.) And after taking all the lab tests on that day of medical exam, result shows:
    Protein in urine= negative
    Creatinine= 1.2

    Having a medical condition is worrisome, but the most important thing is, we need to tell our panel physician about it. I would like to thank everyone for their advice here in this forum.

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