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Proof of Relationship

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by andreamhi, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. So I'm going to Canada to visit my uncle (My dad'd brother) and I was wondering that if for the proof of relationship attaching a birth certificate of both my dad and uncle would be enough or if I should add something else? Also I wanted to know if those certificates should be translated to english since the country where they're both from is a Spanish speaking country and the certificates are in spanish.
  2. Yes, both birth certificates + your own birth certificate.

    All documents must be translated into English/French by a certified translator i.e. notarized copy of the original document + a sworn affidavit from the translator that says the translation is true and correct + the translated document
  3. This was really helpful, thanks!!
  4. Wait I got two questions and I'd be grateful if you answerd, does the same apply to my own birth certificate? Like should it be translated? And the other question is that in the family information I'm confused about if my mother should sign it because I'm not 18 yet and I was also wondering if I should print it and sing it and then scan it again or if an electronic signature is enough?
  5. All documents must be in English or else translated

    It depends on how your mom is applying for you. I suggest that you go through IMM 5256 (Instruction Guide)
  6. And to the proof of relationship should I add any proof that my uncle is a permanent resident in Canada or would the birth certificates be enough?
  7. As you're asking basic questions, I recommend you and/or your mom must spend some time going through this forum + IMM 5256 Instruction Guide to understand how the visa process works as well as the documents that you must submit.

    To answer your question:
    Your uncle must provide an invitation letter + proof of relationship to your dad (birth certificate, translated) + copy of your uncle's passport + his NOA/bank statement (Note: It is not mandatory for him to provide his financial documents)
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