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Proof of Relationship: Letters

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by jeans22, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am in the process of compiling letters to prove that the relationship between me and my soon-to-be wife and sponsor is genuine and ongoing. To those that have sent or is in the same process of preparing their application... I'm just wondering... did you guys add any notes to the letters that you sent for one another? Like sticky notes perhaps? I know that the letters themselves are pretty much self explanatory. But I thought maybe this extra effort will help the VO understand the letters more, thus, be beneficial to our case?

    What do you guys think?

    Oh and by letters I mean love letters, greeting cards, birthday cards, etc. :)
  2. I am - for about a year in 2007, my partner worked nights and I worked days. He would leave for work about half an hour before I got home - so we bought a notebook and wrote notes to each other about our days, and how we were doing, and if anything happened that day. I'm going to copy that notebook and send it along - I figure it's proof of our day to day relationship.
  3. Do what ever you think will help your case.If you have greeting cards they pretty much tell there own stories and if you send your wife a love letter or she sends one to you they pretty much tell their own story too.Dont aulter any letter coming from friends and realatives,leave them as they came to you.
  4. i made a table of contents for this section and wrote out what each document was (card, note, etc.) and put them in that order. if it was necessary I added a comment to clarify on the table of contents page, then I left the cards untouched so they were in their original forms.
  5. Thanks for your opinions, guys!

    I've read in one of the posts that the original cards are NOT returned? Is this true? Because of this, I thought of just scanning the letters and adding a little bit of explanation with each scanned letter. Has anybody else done this?

    Thanks guys!!
  6. If you really want to keep them just send photocopies. Some stuff (original documents, photos, etc) gets returned; I got nothing back. SO I think it's hot or miss.
  7. hmm... thanks for the tip Allison!

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