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Proof of Means of Financial Support/ Financial Resource of Supporter

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Fatima Shah, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. I'm applying a TRV of my mother. My aunt (Her Sister) is in Canada and she is willing to invite my mother on her behalf. My mother is a house wife and totally dependent on my father. I am stuck in these two:

    In Financial Support section: My father bank statement and salary certificate and proof of relationship with my mother

    In Financial Resource of Supporter: My aunt bank statement and letter of support and tax receipts of Canada. Btw my aunt also dependent on her husband (my uncle).

    Please advice whats docs i need to upload in these 2 sections.

    Thanks !
  2. Your dad's financial support matters more than your aunt's. Your mom must prove she can afford the visit + airfare without depending on your aunt,

    For Financial support:
    You would include a Letter of Financial Support from your dad + his bank statement + his tax assessment + any financial investments (not locked-in)... as financial resources to pay for your mom's visit.

    For Financial resource of the supporter:
    Your aunt would provide an invitation letter signed by both your aunt and uncle + copies of their passports + their immigration status + your uncle's bank statement/NOA (if he would like to provide these documents)
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    My mother lives in Pakistan, where as my father lives in UAE (As an expat). For Financial Investments as you said, Can we show my mom's house in Pakistan in the form of Property evaluation report? & include it in one PDF.

    For the Financial Support: Do I have to upload the marriage certificate of my parents as evidence of relationship?
    For Financial resource of the supporter: Do I have to upload the Family Registration Certificate of my aunt and my mother showing as a siblings under the same parent ? Secondly, It is not mention on the Financial Resource of Supporter to show the respective passports and their immigration status. Is it necessary. I'm just asking for my knowledge and for my forward action.

    Shall All files be compiled as one PDF File in each section ?

    Thanks !
  4. You can include your mom's property as an asset to return to. But it cannot be shown as a financial investment.

    Do your parents have joint financial investments or bank accounts in Pakistan? If yes, you can include these documents.

    Proof of relationship + host documents in the sections where asked.... not in the section for financial resources of the applicant and the host.

    Documents which cannot be uploaded to a specified section must be combined as a single PDF
  5. So in which section Shall I show the property of my mother?

    Yes they have join accounts under their name in Pakistan but the balance is not sufficient to show. My father has a good bank statement in Dubai. Can he show it with a letter of support as an Affidavit?


    Documents pertaining to an individual section must be combined as an individual file as a PDF ? It's that what you're saying?
  6. In Optional/Letter of Explanation (along with evidence of her other strong ties)

    As your mom resides in Pakistan, the funds must be available to her in Pakistan. Your dad can transfer adequate finances to her Pakistan bank account to cover her visit. She must include your dad's Dubai bank statement (and the other documents I suggested earlier) along with an explanation for the transferred amount.

    Affidavits won't work.


    Hopefully her visit is for 3-4 weeks + you will include a day-by-day plan for her visit + a cover letter, etc
  7. What will I wrote in the Letter of Explanation - Explaining Strong Ties to Home Country?

    Okay, I will ask my father to send the money to Pakistan in their Join Account. But the bank statement reflecting that transferred amount shall be of couple of days bank statement. Will this work? An explanation can be written on a separate letter or shall I add comments on the bank statement/Highlighting the amount ?

    What if I write a letter of Support that my father will support my mother during her travel despite of an Affidavit?

    All the day by day plans are written on a separate letter? and it will be included in a purpose of travel section?
  8. @Bryanna

    Awaiting for your response !
  9. That depends on your mom's circumstances. Her property, family ties, financial situation, etc.... a cover letter.

    I had answered this in the previous post.

    You can do both: A separate explanation + highlight the transactions and reference the explanation on the bank statements.

    I had answered this too. No, an affidavit is not required. Your dad needs to sign a Letter of Financial Support and reference his bank statement and other documents in it.

  10. Hi there! Aside from uploading the invitation letter where it is asked, it will also be attached in the financial resource of supporter?
    Should a marriage certificate be provided for host couple?
    Is an affidavit required from either man or wife?

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