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Proof of Funds - when to have the required money in account?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by smhamza, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. See link below:


    This link says:

    "The funds must be available both when you apply and when (if) we issue you a permanent resident visa. You must prove to an immigration officer that you can legally access the money to use here when you arrive."

    I am just about to finish me Express Entry profile and was about to submit when I came across this piece of text. My plan was create and submit express entry profile and arrange the required minimum money later. Can I do it? Or I must arrange the money before I submit my profile?

    I am required to have $15,772 but have around 70% of this right now.
  2. You must have the funds well before you apply. At least six months, possibly longer. And you will need to have the funds all the way till you complete the landing.
  3. By "when you apply" they mean when you submit your e-APR not your profile.
  4. Yes, sorry I didn't make that clear. If you're just creating your profile then it's fine. As long as you have the money for six months before you submit your eAPR after you get invited.
  5. U also need to make sure that a big chunk of money doesn’t appear in your account out of nowhere there has to be a steady increments

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