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Proof Of Funds for CIC paper based - URGENT

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by itz_ahmed, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. Hello Guys,
    I applied for SINP nomination through OID stream. We got nomination letter. Now we are applying for PR through CIC paper based application (not express entry as mentioned on the document!). In the doucment checklist, proof of funds (bank statements) is not mentioned. However some people are saying that its required. I am confused so need your help guys.
  2. It is not required for paper based only if you are an EE pnp applicant you are required to scan and upload your six months proof of funds
    Best of luck
  3. Thanks a lot.
    how much time does it take for cic paper based?
  4. For paper based application any Experience related document need to send to CIC? because we didn't find in their checklist.

    Also what rest of the document need to send CIC?

    How much time it would take to complete the process after sending documents to cic?

  5. Any help really appreciated.
  6. See first download the checklist, 1- no need to send any work experience documents to cic 2- POF must be maintain throughout the process ( sometimes they will ask adr for POF 3- total processing time is 15-19 months... u can join our post nomination WHATSAAP group ( link is available under my signature....best wishes.....:)
  7. Thank you for your help @daris25
  8. Hi guys, I have got mpnp nomination and preparing documents for cic paper based application. I have seen the the document checklist and there no information about sending educational credentials. Please do we need to send it or not?
  9. im bcpnp postgraduate program. i think edu certificate is already being verified in pnp.... so there is no need to reverified again in the pr process... And I did not see this requirement in the federal pr checklist either

    so to put it simple just do what the checklist says... nothing else need to worry about or ask
  10. Thank you so much for your response!
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  11. Hi All,

    Few days ago I received email to pay my bio-metric fees and send receipt through web form which I did but I didn't get any acknowledgement yet whether they receive my Paid Fee Receipt or not. Shall I need to email them regarding this or they must received my receipt?

    Any help really appreciated.


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