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Proof of financial resource of supporter and proof of means of financial support

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by andreamhi, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. So I'm applying to a visitor visa so that I can visit my uncle in Canada, but since my mom who is the one who supports me financially but in Canada my uncle is the one who will pay for my expenses so I'm really confused about what should I do with this requirements since my mom isn't the one who will support me financially on my trip I don't know what to do
  2. 1. Are you a student? Or employed?

    2. As a visitor, you must prove that you have the financial means to pay for your entire visit including the airfare without depending on your uncle
  3. I am a visitor, so I have to proof I am able to pay for myself it doesn't matter if my uncle is the one who will pay for me and it doesn't matter that I'm travelling by myself?
  4. It does not matter
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  5. Well, thanks then, I don't what I'll do then but at least it was helpfull to know
  6. About #2. What if the person who is inviting you purchases the ticket for you beforehand and show that in the application?
  7. 1. It is not advisable to buy tickets in advance because there are no assurances that a visa will be issued.

    2. Offering to buy tickets indicates a weak financial situation of the applicant = Financial dependence on the host = Likely to overstay the visit

    3. There can be exceptions to this. For example, if a parent intends to visit + can demonstrate strong ties to his/her country. The host child can offer to pay for the tickets
  8. 2. In the case of OP, she is financially supported by her parents. Assuming she is unemployed, would her parents' bank statements suffice in this situation regardless of who purchases the ticket? I am also curious because I have a similar situation, except for my significant other.

    Also, I disagree with you that purchasing tickets for the visitor indicates a weak financial situation of the applicant but I do agree that it is a risky decision. Tickets can be cancelled too, by the way. Their financial situation can be considered strong in their country of residence, but for Canada, it may can be considered weak, and thus the price of a ticket could set them back.
  9. The OP did not reply to my initial post where I asked if she is a student or has a job.

    If she is a student, it is understandable that she does not have the personal financial resources to afford the visit. Her mom can financially support her visit.

    Again, it is not a good idea to buy tickets before visas are issued. The OP's mom would need to prove that she (OP's mom) can pay for the OP's visit, including airfare.

    Do check your visa application options (depending on your immigration status) before applying for a visitor visa for your spouse/partner.

    Not true. Tickets can be cancelled once the visitor is in Canada. That's why it really helps if someone has a good financial situation back home.

    TRVs are not evaluated as per the economic standards of Canada but as per the economic standards in the applicant's country
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  10. Wait, if I'm a student that changes things? Because what the other person was saying resembles my situation, I am a student and I don't have a job and my mom and I have a good financial state in our country but it's because we have all of our money in our national coin, she doesn't have an account in any other that the one of our country and that's why my uncle offered to pay for the trip.

    And also I have another question, if it's just for a visitor visa wouldn't my uncle who is a Canadien citizen be able to be my sponsor? Or does it only apply if I'm going as a student?[/QUOTE]
  11. Your mom can submit her financial documents (her bank statement + financial investments + tax returns + a Letter of Financial Support). The funds can be in your country's currency.

    There's no *sponsorship* for a visitor visa. Again, you/your mom must prove you can afford the entire visit without depending on your uncle

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