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Proof of common law query

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by ManuelN, Dec 4, 2019 at 7:04 PM.

  1. Hello all. This is my second try because the first one was a total mess. I will try me best to keep it short.

    Some context : I been with my girlfriend for a bit more than 5 years of which we spent 3.5 in our home country and 1.5 in Canada (we moved back to our home country a bit longer than 1 year ago). But since we moved back we don't have a lease together because it's been ready hard for us to rent a place, since we are trying to save money for the PR process and my girlfriend couldn't find a stable job because of the country economic situation.
    We being living together though some tie in my mom's house and one of her family members house. But we been apart too a few months because she went back to her home town to help his brother with his new baby while I stayed working (it is about a 23 hours driving )

    We do have a lot of papers to prove our relationship such as:
    -Rental agreements from the 1.5 years that we lived in Canada (it was a shared lease with other friends )

    -We have a note from our landlord saying that she was aware that we were a couple.

    -Have a joint bank account.

    -Phone bills showing the same address for both of us.

    -We have a declaration in front of a commissioner of oaths from Canada.

    -Pictures of us together in important events and vacations.

    - we have declared each other in our tax declarations

    -And we could get letters from our families and friends too.

    So my questions are:

    1) could this situation of us not living together formally being a bad thing looking forward?
    2) could those letters from families and friends be written directly in English even though it is not our native language, or it need to be in our native language and be translated after?
    3) Wich other documentation should we have ?

    I have it is a bit more clear this time. And thank you guys in advance
  2. Looks fine. The common-law proofs don't have to be up to the date of the app. You can show your solid proofs of one year of cohabitation from a few years ago and show whatever you have since then that you are living together and in a continuing relationship.

  3. Thank you very much for your reply!

    Do you know if it would be ok for me to have my family write those letter directly in English ? (It is not our native language)
  4. Why wouldn't it be OK? IRCC doesn't require people to only write in their native language ;).

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