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Professional sportsman visa Got rejected

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by M.7719, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. I am professional player with strong ties to my federation and my country recently i applied for visitor visa to attend International coaching certificate . My visa got rejected due to travel history (which i have USA and Italy travel on my passport) and my purpose of visit (which was crystal clear). And due to ties in my country.
    what next step i can take to resolve this issue.
  2. How long is your certificate course?
    Which sport is this, and is this available in places other than Canada?
    Which country issued your passport?
  3. More questions:
    1. Who is paying for your visit i.e. airfare, stay, expenses, etc? Your Canadian host or the sports authority in your country of residence?

    2. What was the selection process for this training program? Why were you selected and not another player of suitable competence?

    3. What ties did you demonstrate to your country of residence? Employment? Property ownership or a lease agreement? Finances? Dependent family members?

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