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Processing time of 109 months (~ 9 years) for Self-employed federal process???

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by DanielFragaBR, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. I was looking at the processing times for Self-employed (federal) process and for my surprise it shows the average time is 109 months (about 9 years).

    Anyone can see it here:

    www . cic . gc . ca /english/information/times/index.asp

    and choose "Economic class", then "Self-employed persons (federal)"

    Surely it is wrong. Does someone knows what is the real processing time in this case?
  2. Self employed process takes a long time, not sure about the 9 years period, but not less than 4 years process.
  3. I know a self-employed case where it took just 1 year and 6 months. I wonder if those who take so long are those cases where the applicant doesn't deliver everything to the CIC and generates additional delay in the process.
  4. The case you know of is extremely unusual. And no - it doesn't take long because applicants have submitted incomplete applications. 4+ years is the normal processing time for complete applications.
  5. What can you say about that?

    web . archive . org/web/20151220130704/http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/perm/self-fed.asp

    This is the last page captured by the Wayback Machine. In my case, I live in Brazil and the VISA office would be Sao Paulo (the last one on the table). In December 2015 the CIC was showing that it would take only 9 months...

    And now 9 years? Something is wrong.
  6. officer Refusal letter for self employed case

    Hi friends
    The immigration officer refused me 1 month after getting my documents. He sent me an official & general letter. I heard must of self employed applicants have been refused, is it true or not?
    anybody knows about it?
  7. Re: officer Refusal letter for self employed case

    If he/she refuses the application, there must be a reason. What's the reason for the refusal? What's written in the letter you received?
  8. Re: officer Refusal letter for self employed case


    1. When CIC published the data on www.data.gc.ca the refusal rate for self employed was about 50%
  9. Re: officer Refusal letter for self employed case

    You were refused because the officer didn't believe you met the requirements of the program. If you want further details, order your GCMS notes.

  10. Can you please share the source? The link please.
  11. Hi

    1. The Immigration open data sets are here: https://open.canada.ca/data/en/dataset?organization=cic&page=1
    2. Note you are referring to a post from 2016, you will have to check to see if the approval/refusal data set has been updated.

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