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processing time from erbil office

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by bobta, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. hello
    i have submitted my complete application at vfs erbil, iraq office, on may 17 and so far it is still in amman office under process, any idea or previous experience with processing time in this office.

    thank you
  2. Hi,
    Have you got any updates on your application?
  3. not yet still waiting.. what about ur timeline?
  4. Well my father in law and mother in law applied online 30th of June. They gave their biometrics on 8th of July and waiting.

  5. Anything new?

  6. Hi,

    Any updates so far?
    Wish you luck
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  7. hi,
    not yet still waiting... i requested my passport withdraw yesterday application still in process
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  8. So, its been one month? And no response.
    The processing time should be 34 days + approximatly 10 days of trasporting application?
    What is the issue?
  9. i have applied on may 17, so it's been 60 days now and still under process in some cases background check take more time so all i have to do is to wait
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  10. That is a long time more than what they have said, what are the documents you have provided, for it to take so long?

    I hope all the best and the soonest.
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  11. yea its taking so long in some cases it takes more than normal, it depends on the case, i have submitted bank statement, employment letter, hotel reservation, in addition to copies of my previous visas to canada,...

    thank you wish the same for you what's your case

  12. I am searching and waiting to see experiences, should I apply or not?
    What are the chances if it being accepted or refused?
    If you have applied before how long did it take?
  13. well i can't tell if you should apply or not or if you will get accepted or not , it depends on your case,...

    i had 3 visas before, maximum time was like one month and least one was about 10 days
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  14. I will keep searching, to see what is best .

    Please update me if you get any response.
    Good luck.
  15. @bobta
    Is there any update on your status?

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