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Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by klemzo, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Can anybody please help me with the processing time of restoration of status with working permit? I submitted my application online on 23rd October 2012, up till this moment my application haven't been processed. Is it the same processing time as applying for a working permit or does it take longer when I apply for a restoration of status?

    Please I need your replies cuz am so frustrated now, been out of work for months now. Thanks
  2. Restoration will be delt with at the same time as your WP.
  3. Hi there I am in same situation like you I also applied on 23 0ct 2012 for both together.. I like to know Did you get your work permit ot still waiting ..??

  4. Hey himz

    I have applied for restoration of status and extension of my student permit and off campus work permit on Nov 1st 2012. when i call cic they tell me to call them back in mid feb as they might have a answer then.
    I know waiting for the permit and not doing anything is really hard.
    But i guess all we can do is wait. I searched some old threads here and found that people usually get the permits in 4 months so assuming it to be next month.

    But please keep me posted if u receive ur permit and i will keep u posted too.
  5. Hey guys,

    I haven't received mine yet, when I called they told me it will be dealt with by middle of February. I hope i get an answer soon, am tired of waiting. I will keep you guys posted when I hear anything from them and also you guys should also keep me updated. Thanks.
  6. I just wanted to share my experience with any one concerned.
    I applied for a study permit restoration on August 6th 2012. My study permit expired on August 1st 2012. I called the call centre a lot. I applied online. I was told today (Jan 25th 2013) that my study permit has been restored and i can start studying again. The wait was really painful and I know it is really hard but just keep praying and hope for the best. Anyone who wants to know the details of my application etc is more than welcome to message me.
  7. Hey nasirosa 23,

    What was ur application like and why did it take too long?
    did they ask you to submit anymore documents or smething.
    Its usually 16 weeks processing time so jus wondering

    Moreover when u called cic what did they say about ur application ....why did it took soo long ?

    Please i need some info ...i applied nov 1st and still waiting ...CIC tell me to call after 3rd week of feb :(
  8. Hi everyone,

    I applied for temporary working permit on September 24,2012 in CEM Abu Dhabi but until now I did not receive any confirmation if they are able to process mine.

    Can somebody help where can I call to follow up my application.

    Thank you and good luck to all of us guys.

    To God be all the glory :D
  9. Hi klemzo! Did you get the restoration of status\ permit back? are you LIC? I'm in this situation, i applied to extend my permit on November 13, 2012 to work with same employer i got refuse on January 18, 2013 and my current permit expired on January 19 , 2013. CIC send a letter stating that there was no passport, i did upload it i dont know what is wrong with CIC online system. then i went and applied February 1, 2013 and now on the wait. i was suppose to put in my application for PR and OWP! Now no work an delay of putting in PR AND OWP. By the way i am on the LIC.
  10. Hi Sweetie pie,

    What do you mean by LIC? yeah we kinda in the same situation, I applied for renewal of working permit on August 16th but it was refused and I got a letter from CIC on October 20th 2012 that my application was refused because of no passport. So I applied again with restoration on October 23rd 2012, but uptill now I haven't heard from them. They told me it takes 16weeks and I will hear from them Middle of February 2013, my only problem is that I have been off work since October 20th 2012 and there have been lots of outstanding bills waiting for me to pay so I went back to work January and just hoping they don't call my employer by any chance cuz if they do I will be so fucked. I will keep you updated when I get mine.
  11. It means live in caregiver. what kind of program me are u on?
  12. By the way! did you do it online again? the restoration of status/ permit?
  13. Oh no :( After hearing this, I'm bracing for the worst. I'm exactly in your situation, only I'll just be applying restoration of status/WP this week, like Feb 5 or 6, 2013. Tsk, tsk.. My work permit's expiring this March 9, slightly more than 30 days. I am also on the LIC. I've been seeing refusals in other (restoration of status) threads due to lack of LMO. Do we really need to pull up a miracle of getting an LMO in this short of time? Is an LMO really necessary?

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