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privately sponsered refugee in Turkey.

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Jordan Khan, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. we are being sponsered privately from Quebec.
    our case is selected by ( certificasion de quebec) we have certificate from quebec province than the quebec province sent our documents to federal government officials they also assigned us a file number and sent our files to ankara (IRCC) office. After all these process, Now the (IRCC) office sent us a note saying that we must have the certificate from UNHCR ,otherwise your case will be rejected though we have UNHCR registered documents from an orginazation called (ASSAM) this is what they call it in Turkey, but now that we are expecting the visa office to call us for interview , they want us to have the UNHCR official Certificate, UNHCR in ankara are not giving that certificate to us..
    what should we do now? plzzzzzz help we dont have much time as our case will be suspended within 2 months if we couldnt get the UNHCR Certificate...
    any kind of help will be appreciated.
  2. I don’t believe you have much choice but to push the unhcr for the document. Refugee applications outside of Canada have to be recognized by the unhcr before the will process it. What are the reasons for them not providing it? Have you tried contacting someone higher up in the unhcr ? Does your church group have any contacts you or they can use to exposure this?
  3. I just did a quick search on ASSAM and if it is the one I hit upon, they aren't actually UNHCR but they claim to be partnered with them. From the UNHCR direct website I see nothing noting ASSAM. I suspect they may not have ability to give UNHCR credentials to refugees and that UNHCR is not giving this family their documents because they aren't actually registered properly with them.

    I would suggest OP look further into this situation and get assurances that ASSAM does have the ability to give out UNHCR certifications for immigration purposes.

    Best of luck to you and your family.
  4. Thanks dear,
    The official UNHCR are not giving the certificate for every refugee unless the case is rarity for example..
    Disabled person in the family.
    Cancer patients or extream level of illness which Turkish hospital doesnt have cure to..
    a family who have lost a member or two in arm conflicts in his country..
    we also faced arm conflicts even as far as i know Afghnistan currently tops the chart ofthe countries with the highest number of mass murders, terrorists attack. fortunately we got chance to flee the country safely.. but for UNHCR officials we are not eligible candidates.
    someone has to question their approach of thinking...
  5. Appreciated Dear,
    some authorities should ask them if they are not officially partner why they are giving away a document with UNHCR logo on it. i hope i could provide you a picture of my document see it by yourself as what their documents actually mean..
    I did not understand (OP) if u could explain it..
    tbanks alot anyway..
    still seeking for a help
  6. “OP” means original poster (you).
  7. i
    No dear we naver got the chance to get in contact with higher authority because here in Ankara , our applications gets collected from the door of the UNHCR office. i dont even think those applications make their way to the least authur's table let the higher up spare. i dont know if its the same situation thats happening all around the world at UNHCR or its just In Turkey..
    responding to your suggestion of church,
    we dont know much about it as we are being sponsered by our relatives living in Quebec, Canada..
    any kind of suggestions will be appreciated dear..
  8. Your relatives in Canada should start inquiries from Canada into the process with ASSAM. They should follow up through Canada and present the problems you are having and demand a response, particularly if they have paid for the service. They need to get some clarification of the process they have applied for to bring you here. There is probably a better chance of accountability from Canada than if you try.
  9. th

    Thanks alot..
    I hope they do so..

    There is a question in my mind if you have any answer for it.
    Does the rules and regulations at IRCC differ for Refugees selected for Quebec province and federal government or the IRCC follow the same regulations, as someone just told me from Pakistan that Quebec selected refugees dont need UNHCR certificate.? i hope you give me something out of this question..
  10. we are going to Assam with our problem agaun i will update my situation
  11. I am not sure if this is a new thing. My brother has been in Turkey for 3 years and he registered with the UN as a refugee since his arrival. He didn't really need much document or anything. Maybe it depends on the nationality.
  12. May be its nationality affect
    all the best for to your brother, by the way whats your nationality i mean your brother's..

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