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Principal Applicant (Inland) Dependent (Outland) during COVID-19



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Feb 15, 2021
Can you please elaborate, I was not able to understand what your question is and the chronology?
@legalfalcon I got remedical request only which i submitted and on 2 oct it passed.
But yesterday i got two mails
First,there is no need for medical ,If u have medical appoinment u can cancel it And they want me to submit letter of appointment.
Second is ppr for outland dependent.

but yesterday when i opened my account i saw one column which is of replacement overdue, which was closed on 1 oct.
( i got no notification for this).

So my questions are
1. what is replacement overdue.?
2. We do not get copr for primary applicant, so what to do with ppr which clearly states i can only submit passport after PA’s copr.
3. Any idea for PA’s copr..

Thanks in advance @legalfalcon
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