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Principal Applicant (Inland) Dependent (Outland) during COVID-19


Aug 26, 2021
Are you sure they asked for eye color in the PR form? I don't remember filling this information during PR application
yes i remember. and it must be in the personal description section of PR form where they ask height and eye color....i got my eCOPR. but for my wife the RFV letter asks for height & eye color to be sent with passport envelope... so just worried and we do not remember what we wrote as it will show on both eCOPR & PR card..


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Jul 2, 2021
Query :

I'd sent a webform on Aug 16, 2021 asking the IRCC to attach some documents on my file. I waited 3 weeks and never received any response from them about it.

So, I sent another webform on Sept 7, 2021 with same documents, for which i received auto generated acknowledgement mail that they would attach the documents on my file.

I called IRCC today morning, 10th Sept, 2021, to confirm if those documents have been attached or not. Agent said, she doesn't see any such documents yet.

What should i do in this case ?


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Oct 31, 2018
Anyone who uploaded a photo and address in July received eCorp this week?
I did, yesterday. Two weeks after submitting my address and photo. But since I have an Outland dependent, they messed up and confirmed him as his inland. So more waiting for me


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Mar 24, 2017
Hi @legalfalcon my wife received her COPR.

However the martial status on her COPR shows as blank (the dependant section shows my details).

Her eye colour is printed as black. Whereas she has brown eyes.

Are these major changes and should they be reported? If yes, should they be reported to VAC (India) or Through webform to IRCC.


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Jul 18, 2016
AOR Received.
Will IRCC accept visitor visa application from spouse if the PR application is still in progress?
They will consider it but chances of rejection are quite high. Some odd cases, where applicant was able to prove they will leave Canada, were approved within a month or two (using travel exemption webform) before 2nd lockdown in India. You can give it a try only if you can show strong ties back home and spouse will return (which is very difficult). If approved then good, if by any chance not then it will not effect your PR file.
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Jul 25, 2020
Once IRCC sends COPR/PPR mail, do this get update in GC portal similar like Medical or Biometrics status. If in case someone miss PR mail, can by login to GC portal see his PR application status?
How does Portal (GC Portal) looks once someone get COPR/PPR mail?


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Jan 17, 2019
OSC is horrible. No PPR for outland spouse at all. I guess this is the only office which got the MEMO to make our life miserable.
Really … dont know whats wrong with them . They are busy or what.. only making our lives miserable… its very hard to explain to family about the whole situation. What if we send them mail or something?


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Aug 3, 2021
Are principal applicants with outland dependents getting PR card? I got my COPR on Aug 4 ,still PR card not received.And no PPR for my wife yet


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Apr 13, 2021
@legalfalcon hello bro !!! I got my PR confirmation portal today .!!! How to reply to it in a way that they issue PPR for my dependent along with my Ecopr !!!!! ( do they way of replying matters .!! I see some dependants getting PPR and majority are not getting any PPR ) …
Kindly reply !.!!!!