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Primary Education in New Brunswick

Discussion in 'Education' started by nishantvshah, May 21, 2019.

  1. Hello All,

    Im a Landed PR in Ontario currently. Due to some issues finding a JOB im planning to move to New Brunswick. However my biggest reason for immigration was Kids' education.

    I did read online that NB doesn't have a great education system and Ontario is much better.

    Can someone please throw some light on the education system in NB (prefer someone who is already in NB and have kids studying ).

    Thanks in Advance.

  2. Finding a job in NB is harder than Ontario. Unemployment is higher in the Maritimes. Have you secured a job in NB? If not I wouldn’t move. Incomes are lower in the Maritimes and a larger percentage don’t have various forms of post secondary degrees. What you can teach children often is dependent on how much time is spent at home doing various forms of learning especially in early childhood and whether children have a stable and comfortable home life. In any city in Canada the school quality is influenced with the median income in the catchment area. Sure there are also good school districts in NB. There are not great school districts in Ontario as well. There can also be the issues of whether there are children who have learning difficulties, behaviour issues, etc. In that particular classroom. No guarantee that even in the best school that your child will end up in a “good” classroom.
  3. Hi Bro,

    Yes. I absolutely agree on your inputs. Defenitely the child's interest and dufficuilty etc come into picture. No doubt the best school cannot guarantee a good classroom for the kids.

    What i generally wanted to know how the system is and how about the syllabus and methadology etc. BC, Alberta. Ontario etc does also spend a lot on education. Environment at home is quite stable. In here for eg, my daughter generally does not need help at home as she is very well thaught the concepts at school. Of course there are always things we need to help her with.

    Im looking out for jobs and for sure wont move till i get a decent one.

  4. Depends on the other children’s levels and focus on education at home not your own child. Canada has similar curriculums across Canada. All dependent on the school.

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