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Previously refused and then approved- experience at Canadian border

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by kira260, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Hello!

    I am wondering if anyone here has been previously refused, and then approved for a visitor visa? If so what questions did they ask you when you arrived in Canada.

    Anyone arrive st Toronto airport?

  2. I don't think there's a difference vs. if someone got a TRV without previously getting refused.

    Should be the usual questions: what are you doing in Canada, how long are you staying, where are you going, where are you staying.
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  3. You would think! But a few friends of mine had a lot of problems because of previous refusals. They were asked, why did you apply again, they called the hotel to confirm booking, they looked through their WhatsApp conversations to see what he had told his friends about Canada and when he will be leaving.
  4. Ultimately, the questions one faces would depend on how s/he appears to the officer at the POE. I'm sure the officers can pick up on little signs (body language, demeanour, verbal indications, etc) to put someone through more questioning
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  5. @kira260 how are you how many years visa you got?
  6. Hey:)

    I’m better now that I finally got the visa... I got it for 6 months single entry lol
  7. Congratulations on your visa surely next visa you will get for long years and multiple IA after visiting CA and come back good Luck
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  8. Yes, if I apply again I hope to have the multiple entry :) I just don’t want to through another looong waiting process I thought after waiting so long they would nicely give me multiple entry so I don’t need to suffer again lol but I’m thankful and I am just excited to visit Canada for Canada day!

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