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Preparing to Land in Toronto / Advice for the thing we must bring along

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Sam0130, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Hi every one
    I been new comer here, been reading this forum for month or so and have found it really helpful. My Question is me and my family is just been granted Immigration for Canada and we are planning to land in Toronto in end of April 2007, We are originally from Pakistan, and like to know that what are the thing what we should bring along with us from Pakistan for settling there, we are planning to rent a two bedroom Apartment in Toronto, we have one baby 6 months old. Kindly advice us regarding Importing thing to do, to bring along with us…any advices will be appreciated, any Pakistani Family Moving to Canada as well...please be in contact
  2. I think it is the bare necessities. You will probably be pretty much starting from scratch.
  3. Welcome! A good site to go to is http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/newcomer/welcome/index.html
    This is full of information for newcomers to Canada. Do you have someone here to meet you at the airport who can help you?
  4. Dear Miss Penny
    Thanks for your advice, I have looked at that website, yes we do have our family members there who will help us picking up from airport atlest :) ....so lets hope for the best. thanks Regards
  5. Hi Sam,
    I bet you and your family are getting excited about coming here to Canada. I'm just writing to ask you to write and let me know how things are going after you get here. I hope everything goes well. I was glad to hear that you know some people here already. It will not be so scary for you.
    - Penny
  6. Hi Miss Penny
    Thansk for Writting, I will surely put my comments and details after I land there in details, wil let you know all about how things goes :) keep in touch. good luck to you . Regards SAM
  7. Finally Landed :)

    Hi Every one
    Thanks God We have finally reached canada, 1 May 2007, As I have promissed to write the details once I get here so here I am hope that would help,
    The journey wans't difficult since we have taken a direct flight, the Immigration department took around 45 min in regard of immigration paper work, nothing special it was very easy and straight, the we went to pick up our bags and went to customs, the custom havent cheak or opened our luaguage even though we have almost 200 KG 6 big Bags, it all went smooth, We have just applied for an Appartment yesterday and will be moving in from 14 may 2007, we have found out that you have to have some one to co-sign you to get an appartment since you have no credit history or job latter ...so thats what any one should keep in mind ......also you would be needing a Sin Number ( Social Insurance Number) to apply for an appartment, but a bank account can be open without a Sin number ...! Hope this all would thanks . Regards SAM
  8. Re: Finally Landed :)

    Hello ! That's great that u have landed smothly . I think the first part is over for uuu, Now u will face other things in yr way like finding job , surviving for the time being.. you will be in new dimentions in the coming time. u can ask any advice if u want....as a newcomer i have been through all this. bye
  9. pepto
    Thanks for your comments and advices, Currently I am looking for a Job, got our self an appartment and all important document, Can you advice us reagding the Job Search ? any advice wil be welcome, thanks Regards SAM
  10. Hi Sam,
    Have you been to the Canada Employment Centre? They should be able to help you.
    - Penny

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