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Pre - Medicals


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Sep 21, 2017
I have submitted my application CEC inland and received AOR on the same day i.e 7 April.
I called up Panel Physician to know the status of my medicals whether they are submitted or not. They confirmed it has been submitted so I order for the medical report which they submitted for IRCC.

I was diagnosed with high-BP ~150/96 so was requested for creatine test on the same day of my examination.

So the report has all of them as Grade A except Hypertension which says Grade B and recommends ECG.

But my medicals are submitted with our the ECG as the ceratine test came negative and there was no need or ECG. But I was said by the Panel doc IRCC may ask based on case-by-case for an additional test.

So Have anybody received a request for ECG or any other test after they and Panel physician have submitted the medical to IRCC.