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Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Abbi2021, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. i got got my PR last month I am originally from Pakistan and want to travel to Dubai using my PR and my Pakistani passport for almost 1 or 2 months. Is there is any problem. Please do let me know thanks.
  2. Are you a protected person with a RTD?
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    i see you are posting in the refugee section, so are you a protected person if yes i would not suggest using your home countries passport to travel it can cause major issue with your citizenship process. read up on it.

    Even thou you are a PR now you are still a Protected person just with a PR and your PR status can always been stripped/ Revoked so be careful to be under the protection of your home country when you use your home passport.
  4. If you obtained PR through asylum / refugee - you absolutely cannot use your Pakistani passport to travel. This will put your PR status in jeopardy. You must use a Travel Document.
  5. Yes I was protected person as refugee. Then I got PR but I am using my passport going to Dubai not my home country. Because I am scared might be Dubai they will not give me visa on travel documents please advice
  6. You can never use your passport again. That could result in you losing your protected person status in Canada. It is caused reavailment. Hopefully you haven’t already used your passport to travel.
  7. Yes, you can use your Pakistani passport but you will risk yourself losing your protection and PR.
    since CBSA can use this as strong evidence against you to cessation your refugee protection.
  8. I didn't used yet. I have to apply travel documents and travel in December thanks for all.
  9. Don’t believe you can travel to Dubai with an RTD. I would doublecheck.
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  10. I am happy to hear that i would not want CBSA to file a case against you. i know this is not the news you wanted but unfortunately its just the facts once you-become a Citizen you can travel to your hearts content all the best ad good luck.
  11. Ah - I believe you are correct.

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