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PR Visa from Lima Peru office

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in South America' started by LCS, May 12, 2008.

  1. I have posted in the Family Class section and do not seem to see very many applicants from the Central and South American countries. Are there any Latinos out there waiting for their PR Visas, where are you all? It seems like there are just soooooo many applicants from everywhere else.
  2. hi how are you? I am sponsoring my son from Nicaragua
  3. hi Bautista,
    I am glad to see someone else on here. It's just crazy that there are so many people from alllll of those other countries on this list and not many latinos. It's as if they are not applying? Don't want to? Canada immigration is not trying to lure people from THIS hemisphere?
    When did you start your application?
  4. HI,
    I sent my application to Lima - Family of 5. Mytimeline is this

    Simplified form sent along with reciept Aug 8.
    AOR Aug 15
    al other forms requested for May 15-2008
    those papers arrived lIma May 14- 2008
  5. I don't understand your timeline, what do you mean by all other forms requested May 15-2008. Was that your medicals, police clearances etc? Those same papers arrived in Lima May 14, one day earlier?
    My timeline is:
    -Spousal Application received in Lima Sept. 26, 2006. No Ex, no kids, no other family on application, no legal or criminal problems.
    -Interview on Nov 30, 2006 which I also attended, lasted 25 minutes
    -In Feb. 2007 a request for more detailed information on his OBLIGATORY military service. Was told it could take 1 yr to 18 mos to complete. We clarified that this was for a FAMILY CLASS application. Didn't matter, they made sure it took ONE YEAR to confirm that he was a clerk in a supply post, not a terrorist.
    -Feb 4, 2008 he was asked for renewed medical and police check
    -Mar 26,2008 he was asked for renewed passport, it has been with them since April 1, 2008
    Now at the 21 month mark.
  6. My husband had an appt at the Cdn Embassy in Lima on July 22, 2008. They FINALLY gave him his PR Visa!!!!!!!!

    Application Date August 8, 2006
    Sponsorship Approval Date Sept 20, 2006
    Lima Embassy started processing case Sept 26, 2006
    Interview Nov 30, 2006
    Passport Requested, handed in April 1, 2008
    PR Visa Received July 22, 2008 !!
    23 1/2 months from time of sending in application. 22 months from the time the Lima Embassy started processing our case.

    The time that the Cdn Embassy Lima took to process our case is appalling.
  7. Felicitaciones!

    That was one LONG wait, my dear. Enjoy your husband now:)
  8. Hi all!
    I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.

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