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PR Renewal - Application transferred to Local Office

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by FabienD, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Hi all,

    I know this topic has been covered in the past but regulation / forms might have changed in the past couple of years so it might be worth starting a new thread. Hopefully someone knowledgeable might be able to help me on that one. Bear in mind it will be long and boring so click Home page to spare your life from boredom o_O

    Here is my situation in a nutshell (coconut one!):
    • Mar 2011 - Working Holiday visa and settled in Vancouver, BC - got a full time employment
    • Jan 2014 - PR card received (5 years)
    • Jun 2014 - Left my job in BC
    • Jun 2014 - Started to work with Doctors Without Borders Canada (DWB, Toronto office):
      • I had Canadian contracts all along with DWB but went to countries that IRCC probably does not like to see on one passport: Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Jordan, Iraq, Bangladesh.
      • Prior accepting to work abroad I have checked the law to renew PR and it states that as far as you work for a Canadian "business" your time is illegible. So if I count my time on contract and the time in Canada minus the holidays... easy I should be getting a PR.
      • I should have known that they would not give me my PR straight away like the first time.
    • Jun 2018 - PR renewal package sent from Canada to IRCC (6 months prior expiry of PR)
    • Sep 2018 - IRCC acknowledged reception
    • Feb 2019 - PR card expired, me abroad
      • I had personal obligations to remain abroad thinking that I would get my PR easily.
      • I tried to get my PTRD from France since June, here you have to deal with VFS Services (private) and I have banged my head hard on walls with them. Canadian are much better to deal with to be honest with you.
      • VFS sent back my passport 1 month later mentioning files were missing without telling me which ones. How about an email or a call to solve it? nah! Let's send everything back by UPS.
    • Aug 2019 - Transfer of file to IRCC local office for investigation
      • Me abroad complicating things.
      • Me having traveled extensively in the past 5 years is another one.
      • Me not going back to Canada in time is probably the main issue there.
    I thought that working as a humanitarian and helping others where no one goes would give me an easy come back to Canada, guess what? I was wrong...Fail! I know I know it would be easier if I just came back in time, but that would be easy.

    I have received the below (A) IRCC Letter and (B) Annex 1 (under A28(2)(a)(iii) or A28(2)(a)(iv)) I'll refer to it later, hold on I know it's long and boring. I believe I can provide most of the documents to IRCC, Passport translation, payslips, etc. However there are 2 main things I do not know how to provide:
    1. IMM 5511: the link provided by IRCC is not working, link bring me to their intranet :confused: The officer might have had a tough one the night before because he originally sent me the email from his own IRCC email... So I might ask him a few questions until he junks the hell out of me. I cannot find this form anywhere on Canadian website...
      • Thoughts?
    2. IRCC wants me to provide information about the Canadian business (operation in the world, number of employees, financial for the last 5 years). I am not sure they realized that I was not in charge and that I do not work there any longer. I cannot provide anything beside contracts and work certificate. For the rest I believe IRCC has stronger authority to gather this information about the business.
      • How did others managed? Cancelling application and moving to Argentina to sell cocktails on the beach... smart! but think about climate change.
    So now I have 30 days to sort my s**t together and I have to go abroad in 2 days... fun! Most people here are a lot wiser than me. If any kind soul of you out there can help on the point 1. 2. above that will be very very much appreciated.

    Hope it goes better for the rest of the folks applying / renewing PR.


    A - IRCC Letter:
    B - Annex 1:
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    The IRCC is not authorized to get copies of the corporations T2, and if it was a NPO, Non Profit, the copies of their T1044, nor are they authorized to retrieve copies of the corporations GST/HST filings.These are all protected by law. Only authorized representatives of the corporations or there authorized individuals can request copies of these filings. If you called up the CRA to request copies of ANYTHING regarding the companies operations, it would be declined.
    The only thing I think you can retrieve is possibly the articles of incorporation. I took a guess and searched Industry Canada's online public search and found it.
    Incorporated Federally
    Attached link
    There is a option to purchase information on this corporation, I do not know how detailed it would be however

  3. Canada doesn't care about the fact you have those countries stamped on your passport. My husband had all of those before and after PR (minus Bangladesh - but plus several other African and Middle Eastern countries). No need to worry about that.

    Your residency obligation count is a different matter. The rules for counting time spent outside of Canada towards PR are very specific - taking a contract outside of Canada doesn't normally meet these requirements since this means you have chosen to take a role outside of Canada rather than having your employer transfer you there. Here's what is allowed if you want to be able to count time outside of Canada (based on how we've seen IRCC treat this rule):

    - You are hired for a full time role in Canada.
    - You work in this role for a while (at least a few months).
    - Your employer them transfers you to a role outside of Canada.
    - After working in the role outside of Canada, you return to Canada and work for the same employer again in Canada

    I don't think contract roles will meet these requirement. But that's just my two cents.

    I'll admit that I'm feeling lazy and your post is quite long and I haven't read all of the details. If you exclude the time you spent working outside of Canada, do you still have the 730 days required to keep PR?
  4. Having worked with MSF I know that you apply to get logistic experiences so those time periods would not count. How many days did you actually spend working for MSF Canada? They have a relatively small Canadian core staff and they are not the people who spends months abroad.
  5. Hi all,

    Sorry for the delay and thanks a lot for your replies. I have send my documents to IRCC, let's see the outcome. If Canada great otherwise Europe will be, I can live with that I think and it was just not meant to be.

    Appreciate the input from everyone on the matter. Thanks!
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  6. Im in the boat as im going through the same process and worked for DWB. It’s a nightmare feeling all these in and out! I sent the extra documents 4weeks ago and haven’t heard anything back so far!
    It’s sucks working overseas if u are a PR


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