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PR confirmation portal timelines

Mehak B

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Nov 20, 2019
Hello All,
My Ecopr and my spouse: 31 August, 2021
our PR Card in GC Key Approved and Mailed notification : September 08, 2021
My spouse received card on our house address (as updated in portal ): September 10, 2021
and Very strange thing happened, we waited for my card for 3 weeks and yesterday on 27 September, my PR Card received by my representative even though address in portal was mine and it was accepted and was submitted by me through portal.

Anyways, finally done!


Sep 28, 2021
Hello! All
Hope You all are having nice day.

I have my PR application in process. In My PR application I have my spouse as outland dependent applicant. AND My time line is as follows.

AOR : 18 JUN 2021

Dependent completed Biometrics on 17 Aug 2021, Medical completed on 01 SEPT 2021.
Dependent Medical approved 07 SEPT 2021

Portal Email for Details : 18 SEPT 2021 Replied Same day
Credential for Primary Applicant : 18 SEPT 2021
Photo and Address submitted : 18 SEPT 2021

Portal Email for Details Again : 20 SEPT 2021 Replied Same day
Waiting for eCoPR
Waiting for PR card.

Visa Office : Etobicoke

There is no updates for dependent applicant for passport request from Sept 18 2021.

Is there anyone who can help with my case?


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Feb 9, 2021
Hi All,
I have received my eCOPR on 5th August and waiting for PR card. My application in GC key is showing as submitted.
Anyone in the same boat?


Jun 21, 2021
Hey Everyone,

Hope you all are doing good. I received AOR on July 12th. Yet not received eCOPR. I am inland CEC applicant. Did anyone submitted application in early July and received eCOPR? Please let me know, thanking in advance : )