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Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by sharav, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Hello!

    I recently submitted my PR Card Renewal application and stated that I need to have it processed urgently.

    They received my application April 4th. For those of you who applied for a similar process before, how long did it take (including mailing days) to receive the physical PR card?

    I'm leaving to Iceland on April 25th and I still need to apply for a Schnegen Visa, and without it, I'm in trouble. I'm a university student and I'm attending a short field course trip to Iceland. I called the Danish Embassy in Ottawa and they recommended that I should submit my Visa Application tomorrow, April 9th even without the PR Card, but I MUST email them a copy for my PR Card within 5 business days and verify it with Vancouver consulate (where I'm from). That's the part I'm worried the most... THERE'S A HUGE UNCERTAINTY! However, I have read a few posts and it says that they received theirs in less than 5 business days.

    PR Card Approved and mailed back by Monday -> email soft copy to Danish Embassy and hard copy to Vancouver consulate -> HOPEFULLY get my visa approved ON TIME -> I fly to Iceland and learn great things -> HAPPY ME!

    I'm just incredibly worried at the moment. I asked if I could submit Record of Landing documents instead of a PR card, but they said no :( HELP!!!
  2. Still you must have the old PR card, which you can use it for visa purposes.

    For urgent PR card renewal, it took 2 weeks for me.

    It is not clear from you whether you are applying for renewal after the PR card expiry or is it still valid
  3. My PR Card has already expired... :(
  4. Oops! The processing will be faster, if you are physically present in Canada with less absences.

    Best of luck.
  5. 5 Business days is possible but 2 calendar weeks more usual..you left your renewal late. Urgent processing approvals are usually 1 business day after receipt. Mail out from Sidney is the delay or worse if they ask you to pick up your card from the local CIC office. If you have at least 730 days in the last 5 years and did provide proof of residence and travel as per CIC instructions then lady luck may smile on you.

    Presumably Vancouver Consulate will place visa on your ppt? If not then the mail out from Ottawa will add a delay.

    Good luck
  6. I hope that they could email me a soft copy of the renewed card once it's approved, so I could at least submit my visa application.
    Could they send my PR card using Xpress?

    I have been studying and living and working here in Canada since September 2007 and left the country for only (approx.) 50 days.
    Tomorrow would be the 4th business day... too bad it landed on a long weekend. Thanks!!!
  7. Sorry CIC doesn't do things for your convenience like sending soft copies of PR cards and use of express mail. They have a limited budget that won't stretch if they did those things. You will get your renewed PR card in the regular mail or pick it up at the local CIC office. As long as there is a paper trail as active proof of your physical presence in Canada renewal will be straightforward.

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