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PR Card mail address in different state

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by skundu73, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. I plan to land in Vancouver, BC next month. In my PR application I mentioned that I will land in Vancouver, BC and will settle there. I may stay in a airbnb in Vancouver for a while. Is it possible to give my friend's address in Toronto, ON for the PR card mailing at the time of landing? Won't the immigration officer ask why I will go to Toronto,ON when my application says Vancouver, BC? Thank you.
  2. As per the rules, you can land anywhere in Canada ( mostly excluding Quebec) irrrspective of what you mentioned while applying or what is appearing on your visa.
    You can always give address of other city for PR card delivery however sometimes immigration officer doesn't accept it and ask you to update it online on later date.
    So you can give your airbnb address initially and then on next day after landing. Update the address of your friend online without any hassale.
  3. Just to add that Canada has provinces not states, those only exist south of the border in the US
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  4. Thank you very much for the info.
  5. Yes will remember that...

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