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Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by mammen, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Hi friends,
    I got my visa under Quebec investor category and I am planning to land in montreal mid of july.I have no friends or relatives in Montreal to give the address for pr card.can I give my brothers address in Toronto.Is there any problem for landing if we give the officer Toronto address to receive pr card.plzz help.
  2. You can't give a Toronto address. You must give an address in Quebec or you may be refused landing.
  3. Hi Scylla,
    Thx for your reply.we are not going to settle in Toronto.we are coming for our landing procedure..R u sure we need a Montreal address.if we are not having any relatives or friends what we will do.do u have any idea about that.we are so tensed about this.plz reply
  4. The chances are that the IO will do one of two things.

    1) Refuse to land you as you are stating an address outside Quebec. (You only get to offer a single address at Landing).

    2) Land you but refuse to order a PR card for you based on that address. If this happens, you will need to order your own PR card when you settle in Canada.
  5. As zardoz explained, there is a chance you may be refused landing if you don't have a Montreal address and the visa officer suspect you may not be planning on settling in Quebec. It's your choice what you ultimately do.
  6. I want to ask one thing. If one of my dependant is already in Canada and I get passport request, do I have to ask my dependant to come back to their home country or can they stay in Canada and send their passport for visa?
  7. As long as your dependents have a valid permit/status (e.g. study/work permit) in Canada that isn't expiring soon, they can stay and have their passports couriered to you. I would recommend your dependent to make a copy of the passport, and hold onto their permit as this is not needed by the VO.

    In the future once you get the visas, they can even land in Canada without returning to their home country. Two options are inland processing which takes longer, or u-turning at the US/Canada border.
  8. Thanks noosh for the reply.

    I'll explain you about my situation. We applied for Quebec's Investor (in 2008) and all of my dependants have cleared their medicals in May 2014 (1st medical request was done in 2012). I was asked to do additional medical exams (some Nuclear ECG something) & submit it before August 2014. I've just given that ECG today.

    Now, my dependant got US visit visa already, but he's currently studying in university in Vancouver (for the past 4 years) as a student with valid visa and permits (even though he has valid study permits, he was granted 4 years of multiple visit visa. We did ask Canadian High Commission that they must have made mistake, but they replied that you can take any visa to Canada, but your permits should matter. I've got their Email as proof, but he gets stopped by every airlines and then they take copy of that email, his visas and his permits and then they let him board). I, on the other hand, am in Pakistan and would be submitting my passport in Pakistan.

    My question is... Can my dependant go to any Canadian Embassy or Consulate in US and get his visa stamped same day for PR?
  9. Hi XpressEnterprise,

    When I was an international student, I also had a 4-year multiple entry temporary resident visa, which I only needed if I was leaving Canada/US and re-entering, did not need the visa for travelling to and from USA. I never had an issue.

    A bit confused by your question, are you asking about receiving the Immigrant visas or "landing" as a PR, as those two are different things. But in either case you cannot do that at any Canadian Embassy or Consulate in US. I will try to clarify.

    Immigrant Visa issuance
    When you receive the passport request, it will come from your VO for you and your dependents. So your dependent must submit their passport with you at your VO, they cannot just go to any Canadian Embassy/or Consultate in US. All the passports will be attached with an Immigrant Visa (looks similar to TRVs). This is simply a visa valid for 1 year from your medicals or passport expiry, whichever comes first, that allows you to enter Canada as an Immigrant. Getting the immigrant visa does not mean you are PR already, for that you must land at a port of entry.

    So submitting your dependents passports to your VO is crucial. Even with the medicals, even though they can be completed in any country, the results ultimately have to be received by the VO handling your case to determine the next steps.

    Landing as a PR
    After you have received your immigrant visas, those outside have to enter via POE. But those within Canada have two options:
    1) Book an appointment with an inland CIC office (via the call centre). This step can take long due to waiting times, and I have not come across a lot of information about it.
    2) Cross a POE, this can be as simple as driving to US-Canada border (flag-poling/or visiting etc), or flying back to someone's country, which isn't necesssary at all. But you cannot go to any Canadian embassy or Consulate to "land" as PR.

    Hope this answered your question.
  10. Thanks Noosh, for the detailed reply.

    So, If we get passport request, we all (main + dependant) must submit it at Canadian Embassy in Islamabad (Pakistan). Btw, all PR cases from Pakistan are handled by London's VO.

    I've also read that for Quebec applicants, they must make their POE in any of the cities in Quebec for landing purposes. & they must also give their first address (on landing card) of Quebec. If they don't, they may be refused landing. But I found the following information:

    Source : http://www.canadavisa.com/landing-settlement-canada.html

    So, we can enter from any POE into Canada if we are immigrating to Quebec and have CSQ ... and give address (at Landing) of Quebec?
  11. Hi XpressEnterprise,

    You can enter from any POE, but regardless of whether you are federal/Quebec during landing the immigration officer has to establish that you still meet the criteria of the program you applied under. This involves satisfying the IO that you will not breach the conditions of your PR application. Hence, for Quebec you would have to ensure to the IO that you intend to settle in Quebec, i.e. give the Quebec address or explain why you are landing outside of Quebec, and your next travel plans to enter Quebec, etc.
  12. Thanks Noosh!

    Oh boy. I have to ask my dependant to come back home then (to Pakistan). Thanks for the information.
  13. It would be easier I would think (if your country's passport rules permit it) for your dependent to just courier the passport to you. That way they don't miss out much from their university time in BC.
  14. Yeah. First, I have to check if it's legal according to the Canadian/US law to send your valid passport out of the country you are currently present in. Some countries do not allow the holder and the valid passport to be present in separate countries at the same time.

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