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PR Application canceled by IRCC


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Jan 2, 2017
Hi Everyone,

My brother submitted all his documents in February 2021. He did his MBA from the University of Concordia, Quebec. He uploaded scanned copies of his Degree and transcripts as proof of Education. He received a cancellation of the application yesterday stating:

Specifically, your application does not include the following elements:
Canadian Education Credential:
o Proof of your completed Canadian credential (degree) was not provided with your application. This document is required based on the education details you provided in your Express Entry profile. The transcripts you have provided with your application have been reviewed, however, the documents provided do not overcome the requirement of providing a completed Canadian credential (degree). Applications submitted without proof of information provided in your Express Entry profile cannot be considered complete.

What other document is required to support that he has completed his Canadian degree? Or was this cancellation sent by mistake? We submitted a web form asking for more clarification. Is anyone else is also facing the same issues?