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Post ITA question

Apr 7, 2020
Hello Friends,
Thank you for all your support and guidance, By God's grace I received an ITA yesterday. CRS score 478. 3 years of work experience completed in April 2020.
My employment profile in Express Entry was showing that my current job was active from April 22nd, 2019 until today. I lost my job on July 15th, 2020 due to covid which I did not update on Express entry profile since I had chances of getting hired again by the same company. And in Yesterday's draw I received ITA yesterday.
I did not get hired by my previous employer.
If I had made changes to the EE profile in July it would not have affected my score. But i feel the guilt of not updating my EE profile. I don't want to get Barred from applying to Canada for 5 years, if they feel I was falsifying information, which I did not mean to.
Do you think I should decline the ITA, because it can appear that I was falsifying work experience dates.
Please suggest!!

Thanks in advance.


Star Member
Aug 28, 2019
just update the profile before you submit your PR application. They will do another check at your profile. Score is what matters. If you have enough score with the current work experience, they couldnt care less about you getting fired or not.