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Post ITA Documents - India Applicants


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Sep 29, 2016
This information is for everyone who has been preparing for the post ITA documents and getting ready to apply for the Canada PR.
However, this information is also to get suggestion from seniors in case I have missed any documents before proceeding with the Visa payment.

I have prepared some of the documents while the remaining I shall be doing as per the information listed below.
My fellow applicants are requested to tally the documents with mine to make sure they are going on the right path and seniors are requested to guide in areas where I am lacking or misleading.

1. Travel Document:
a. First & Last page scan of the passport as no travel history
b. Simple colored scans. No notarization.

2. Proof of Medical Exam:
a. The scan of the medical report given by the doctor conducting the exam.
b. Simple colored scans. No notarization.

3. Proof of Education:
a. Scan of my degree
b. Scan of the WES Canadian Equivalence Certificate
c. Scan of IELTS report score
d. Simple colored scans. No notarization.

4. Proof of Employment:
a. Scan of employment letter
b. Scan of Promotion Letter
c. Scan of employment proof on official letter head (Not in the CIC prescribed format)
d. Scan of official badge & visiting card
e. Scan of last 3 official salary slips
f. Scan of HR email denying providing the employment proof in CIC prescribed format
g. Scan of Notarized copy of employment proof (In CIC prescribed format) signed by my Manager
h. Scan of official badge & visiting card of my Manager.
i. All documents except the CIC format employment proof non-notarized.

5. Police Clearance Certificate:
a. Scan of the police clearance certificate given by the local police deptt.
b. Simple colored scans. No notarization.

6. Proof of Means of Financial Support:
a. Scan of balance certificate from my bank, having details as per the CIC required informations.
b. Scan of 6 month statement stamped by my bank.
c. Scan of the check which my father gave me as gift deed to support the needed funds.
d. Scan of the notarized gift deed from my dad to me
e. Scan of the notarized Affidavit of the gift deed (Not sure if this is needed or not - Seniors pls guide)
f. Scan of the 6 months salary slips (reflected in the 6 months bank statement as well)

7. Digital Photo
a. Simple 50mm x 70mm (140kb) digital photo clicked from a professional.

I request seniors to please see if the above documents suffice the post ITA documentation requirement. Please guide in case I have missed anything or not notarized any document which I should for hassle free visa processing.

Thank you in advance!
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