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Possibilities to get a tourist Visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by travelboy19977, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Hello and good Day Dear group.

    This is my first post and i am just writing beacause i would like to know my possibilities to get a canadian tourist visa i will explain mi case and documents that i attached on my visa request.
    I am from guatemala and i want to do some tourism in Vancouver for 4 days only.
    I am 21 years old boy who study all day in the university in a Private University and so i depend economically of my parents (everything) i do not work beacuse i study the all day.

    I applied for my canadian tourist visa some days ago but i have seen that so many people is saying that is it very difficult to get the visa.

    And so in my Application
    *i attached the bank statements of my Mother because she will pay everything (the past 4 moths)
    She has 60k thousand dollars in her account
    *My University Proof that i am a regular student since 2 years ago
    *The all papers that they ask, and saying that i am just going to stay 4 days no more.
    *I have traveled to UK 3 times, to france 3 times also , to Costa Rica and Panama and i have a mexico Tourist Visa, never overstayed in all those countries and i have traveled to those countries no more than 1 week allways.
    * A letter of support saying that my Mom will pay my entire trip because she has paid my previously travels to europe and saying that she will give me 1100 Canadian dollar for those 4 days only for my food and souvenirs apart of that she will pay the hotel and tickets,
    * My Birth certificate that shows that she is my mother.
    * My travel itinerary to Vancouver but i had a mistake there because i just made a plan for 2 days because i will stay 4 days in vancouver but those 4 days are including the day that i have expected to arrive and the day that i will leave the country so technically i will make tourism for 2 days.

    I do not have family in canada or something similar, i will travel alone like i had done before.

  2. It is not believable to come from Guatemala for what is essentially only a 2 day trip. Expect refusal.
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