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PNP PR - September - October - November 2018 Applicants>>>Lets Connect here



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Sep 25, 2020
Inland BCPNP applicant with one dependent; Both applicants are inland:
AR Sep 2018
AOR Nov 2018
Med RQ May 2019
ADR Oct 2019
No updates since then; File was transferred to the Vancouver office in 2019. Does anyone know how to directly contact the Vancouver IRCC office?
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Jun 24, 2019

Inland, one depended

- October 24 (2018)
AOR: - January 25 (2019)
MR: - May 10 (Received medical exam results / Sending to IRCC: June 18)
MP: - July 10
ADR: - July 31 - Schedule A, (August 5 status changed to - We are reviewing the additional documents you provided)
Pre-arrival letter: - August 6 (IMM5801E)
Criminal check done: - August 17 (approximately)
Ghost Update: - September 5 (IRCC agent said - that is security is started, after 7 month from AOR ...)
Pre-arrival letter V2* - September 11 ("Access services for newcomers / Accès à des services pour les nouveaux arrivants" - *IRCC do not know about this letter. Agent said - no any update in your application.)
Pre-arrival letter V3* - November 8 ("Don’t miss out on services for newcomers / Ne ratez pas l’occasion d’avoir accès à des services pour les nouveaux arrivants" - *IRCC do not know about this letter. Agent said - no any update in your application.)
ADR V2: - February 21 (CV/Resume Request).
Ghost Update V2: - Jun 23 (in account changed information in ADR/Medical, right now - no any request, It seems like they will be ask me a second medical exam soon).
Ghost Update V3: - August 11 (2020) security check done, in total security check took 11 month 6 days o_O, waiting DM/CoPR.
Medical going to extension: - September 14 (2020). IRCC agent said that today officer sent my medical examination for extension.
MR V2: - September 18 (2020), One previously medical exam was extended (for dependent).
MP V2: - October 9 (2020), Everything is done ... Medical, Eligibility, ADR, Criminality, Security ... The agent said it remains only to wait for DM, when it will happen, nobody knows. But I hope soon.
DM / FR (Final review): November 3, Today - November 6, IRCC agent said, that is everything is completed, wait DM/CoPR soon. P.S When FR happend I did not see any updates in my file. He also said FR is NOT DM. // UPD - I see DM in ECAS, but nothing in IRCC account. I called to IRCC agent again - but he still did not see any DM in my file.
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Aug 2, 2019
Applied sept 14 2018
Aor 24th oct
1st medical 21 may 2019
22 pre arrival letter and rprf request
Got married and added my wife on 30 june 2019
They added her on my file on 21 july 2020 and asked for her medical rprf pcc schedule A
And from me they asked for 2nd medical imm008 schedule A conversation proof with wife.
All these documents i had submitted in advance to add my wife.
I submitted everything in august and since then no update
I called last week and agent said they moved my file to ontario for further process
I dont know what this process it
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Aug 5, 2017
Guys i got decision made today
AR Aug 2018
Aor Sep 2018
MR may 2019
File transfer to halifax feb 2020
2nd Mr for spouse only june 2020
PAL june 2020
ADR schedule A and PCC oct 19 2020
Submitted nov 4 2020
Today decision made on ecas


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Oct 1, 2016
This is what I need help with. In the paper PNP form IMM 0008, question 10 asks for status in country of residence. I am on Implied status in canada and have selected other. I am waiting for approval of PGWP. What do I put in the TO date of my status since it is still processing. If I put PRESENT, I cannot validate the form. Pls help
Nov 10, 2020
Before the interview I was asked to provide updated employment letter. After the interview I was asked for a recent police certificate. Submitted next day and got approval same day.
Hi Friend,
I am just wondering what kind of questions you had on interview over the phone pls??
Your kind reply will be very helpful.
Pleased to hear


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Apr 11, 2019
Hi guys, I need some help with this update: my medical status has changed from "Passed" to "You do not need a medical exam. We will send you a message if this changes". Is that normal? Is that mean I will be requested to re-do medical or my medical exam has been extended?

I'm December 2018 AR and no updates from IRCC since January 2020 when I've submitted schedule A. I don't know what's going on with my application, it's 23 months now and still counting... it's really frustrating. Anyone in the same situation?


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Aug 2, 2019
my AOR is oct 24, 2018
I gave my medical in may 2019
Then added my wife in july 2019
They added her after a hear and asked for my medical and hers too
Since then no update

so if they changed the status to yo do not need medical they will ask for it again
Thats how they make money