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PNP PR PAPER-BASED - June July August 2018 Applicants >>> Lets Connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by oduvan4ik, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. I have exact similiar timeline. Nothing till now..
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  2. For me its been already 5 weeks after paying rpRf
  3. Which is ur visa office because I have heard that most of the time London visa office sents rprf and medicals only at the last stage once they finish checking backgrounds Nd all other stuff . So I guess depends on ur visa office
  4. May be. Never called them so i have no idea which is my visa office. I have a representative.
  5. SINP-OID, outland, Manila Visa Office

    AR June 13 2018
    AOR Aug 17 2018
    MR May 2 2019
    MP May 22 2019
    File transferred to MVO - May 27, 2019
    ADR (FBI clearance) - May 27 2019
    Submitted FBI clearance - June 6 2019
    Pre arrival - June 19 2019

    Waiting for DM and PPR.
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  6. My application received aug 3rd/2018
    AOR sept 11/2018
    Still no medical !!
    Spouse added : January 2019
    Ainp Inland
  7. Hi
    just got passports request together with photos to be sent to LVO.
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  8. Congrats. May I know your timeline and LVO please. Thanks.
  9. Does your ecas and my cic status updated?
  10. timeline in my signature, Ecas showing DM and CIC been updated with request letter.
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  11. Aug 13th 2018 AR
    Did anyone got passport request who kept there file after 10th of aug 2018?
    How long it take for security ?
  12. AINP Single applicant
    File sent: June 17,2018
    AOR : Aug 15,2018
    Medical : May 02,2019
    Pre Arrival letter : May 15,2019
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  13. Hi! Do you have any updates since the pre-arrival letter?
  14. I got ppr today.....
    Ar...9th aug
    Aor...20th october
    Mr....8th may
    All the best to everyone......cheers
  15. Congrats! Are you a single applicant?

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