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PNP PR PAPER-BASED - June July August 2018 Applicants >>> Lets Connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by oduvan4ik, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Same timeline..
    Oinp Inland applicant with 1 dependent.. And my wife is already here.. Still waiting for MR
  2. Waiting for MR too.
    AR May 2018
  3. HI any One From Dubai.
    waiting fro MR????
    AOR 25th July 2018.
    Can any one have the idea that the files are transferred to Abu Dhabi Visa office now?
  4. They Calculating AR date not AOR date
  5. Hi all. Here is my timeline.
    AR- June 7 2018
    AOR- Aug 3 2018
    Upfront Medical Upload- Apr 18
    MR- May 1
    pre-arrival services letter- May 11
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  6. Did you get medical request after upfront medical?
  7. Yes I did, so I uploaded eMedical and Medical form from CIC on IRCC WEOBFORM. Now its on review of result.
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  8. SINP too
    Application received- June 08/2018
    File number August 08/2018
    Still waiting for next step
    No medical yet
  9. Are you waiting MR???
  10. Yes, my roommate’s file was received July 04/2018 he got his medical request on May 02
  11. Hmm that's weird
  12. Yeah should I submit upfront too? Let me know if yours got accepted please
  13. Well on CIC medical status is on review. Its not passed yet
  14. I guess now it’s too late for upfront. You should have done it earlier. You must receive request soon. People from Nov 2018 got MR request yesterday
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  15. Latest medical requests from Outland and inland applicants ( 15-05-2019), AR- 26-11-2018, AOR - 13-03-2019, MR- 14-05-2019,( Outland India, ecas in process status, file is not yet transferred to New Delhi ) AR-29-11-2018 , AOR-19-02-2019, MR 14-05-2019, ( mpnp, inland) AR - 30-11-2018; AOR-28-02-2019, MR 145-2019( oinp inland). AR- 23-11-2018, AOR- 13-03-2019, MR-15-05-2019 ( mpnp Outland, India , file is not yet transferred to New Delhi) AR-19-11-2018,AOR-13-02-2019, MR-14-05-2019 ( oinp , inland). (Source- our WHATSAAP group)
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