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PNP PR - February - March - April 2017 Applicants>>>Lets Connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Coolblacky, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Stream: paper based PNP-BC
    02 Feb 2017 application package sent
    07 Mar 2017 AOR
    Oct 2017 pre-arrival letter
    12 Mar 2018 medical request
    Application was in PS since June 2018.
    Finally received passport request: 11 Jul, 2019, approx. 30 months process time.
    Good luck rest of you guys ;)
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  2. Congratulations
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  3. Congratulations!! I’m very happy for you!
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  4. Thanks :)
  5. Thanks :)

  6. Congratulation, is 30 months is maximum time line so far ? or yet any people waiting for more than 31 months ??;)
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  7. One of my friends actually got passport request in 31months.
  8. Yes, congratulation to your friend
    I'm in the same category BC-PNP paper-based, March 2017, just 1 month after you, still waiting for the security check, were you in the same situation I mean they took a long time in the security part, also anything happened as an indicator before you receive the PPR email, like ghost update or something, I'm really frustrating this process took long time and all of my friends already got the pr 2 years ago.
  10. Yes, it was security check where my application took longer. No, nothing there was no ghost update or anything like that I just received an email early morning that’s it. Good luck hopefully you’ll receive that email soon.
  11. Hello,
    anyone here from feb 2017 still waiting
    I applied on 15 feb 2017, with one dependant , still waiting ... so frustrating when I call them they said everything is done but security is not yet intiated.. I don’t know how long it’s gonna take... it’s already been almost 30 months .
  12. Did u try to find your local MP to help?
  13. Yes I did ... they are just following up but it’s really not helping
  14. Right, same in my case, Local MP act like just a office peon, rather than responsible MP; or vo made them as peon !!
  15. Yeah but it’s getting so frustrating that they did not intiate the security yet and don’t know how long it’s gonna take ... taking forever

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