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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ettesar, May 5, 2016.

  1. hi

    my application is still BGNA. cic has left me behind.

    is there anyone whose BG is still NA?

    I am AUG 25 Applicant, but now cic have finished almost all August and some of early September. My peer got ppr half month ago, but i am still BGNA

    I also saw a July Applicant whose BG is still NA.

    Anyone have similar situation?
  2. I’m June applicant
  3. ur background still not applicable? did u order a gcms notes or asked cic why?
  4. Pending security clearances, my background check in process since January 13th 2016
  5. What is your field of study ? Did IRCC ask you for CV ?
  6. 2016 may appicant
    Mine also started BG check from 2017 June, still nothing has changed. Did you call or talk CIC agent?

    Anybody knows how to applr gcms? I need it , check whats wrong is my application, cic they dont answer me they said just wait,
  7. Since Jan 2016?? This is insane, wish you good luck and finish everything soon
  8. Do you mind sharing your timeline pls? (with exact days I mean.. just for the sake of comparison)
  9. Is file's further review is normal thing???
  10. Is file's further review is normal???
  11. Sorry January 2017
  12. Oh, then it seems ok:), still, good luck
  13. Any April, May, June applicant got PPR or DM these days?
  14. No, 30th May applicant still waiting.
  15. 2016 May 27 received
    2016 Aug 30 file number
    2017 Jan additinal paper(police check for South Korea)
    2017 June 8 MR
    2017 June 24 medical passed
    2017 June BG in progress

    I called them they said just wait, nothing has changed yet so far
    I am very sick and tired of this shitt!!
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