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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ettesar, May 5, 2016.

  1. Just called cic
    Agent told me
    In my secruity one verification left
    Waiting for respone for that verification
  2. Oh. Did he give a timeline ??
  3. what is the number to reach out cic
  4. OH. My god. OINP, Jun. 23 applicant. With one dependent, MR Sept. 8, BGIP. Nov. 28th. Just got DM on ECAS.
  5. May30th MPNP applicant

    -DM 20th nov
    -PPR Dec 07
  6. May 30th. Single applicant. Just got DM on ECAS
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  7. hi when was your BG start to.process?
  8. October 15th my BG went in process
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  9. May 30 2016 applicant?
    What was medical date?
    Visa office name?
  10. April 25th applicants, got PPR yesterday at 530pm
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  11. sent my passport yesterday and got delivered just now. Any idea when it is coming back?
  12. Hello, I think you should give CIC a call. My best guess is that they will give you an extension. You will be fine.

  13. No idea ,cuz I hv sent mine month ago and no updates yet

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