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PNP - PR - APRIL,MAY 2017 APPLICANTS....Lets Connect here.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ijawson, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. I am starting a thread for Provincial nominees permanent resident applicants for April,May 2017.Please share your TIMELINE here in order to help track the status of our application.Cic has changed the customer service assistance operations as you can not call in to check for updates on your application if you do not have a file number.I am sure this is a new development in order to reduce the calls made by prospective AOR expectant.See my timeline below:

    Ainp nomination received- Jan 4,2017
    Cic App sent -April 8,2017
    Cic Received App- April 13,2017 Signed by M.RSWDA
    Awaiting AOR...
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  2. Application Received -May 23
    Waiting for AOR
  3. May 23 is less than a month.However,I know about people who got Aor in a month.
  4. My friend's timeline:
    MPNP Nomination
    CIC Application received: 31st May (Received by THOMAS)
    Waiting for AoR
  5. NBPNP
    CIC AOR 23rd May 2017
    Med pass - still waiting
    waiting game on
  6. Hello Im newbie, I just got my EOI from MPNP - usually how long would i receive the nomination?
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  7. Same here, mine was received by THOMAS 26 May 2017. waiting for AOR.
  8. April applicants have started getting AoRs.
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  9. Please add those who submitted their applications in June and onwards!

    To the author of this thread--- would you mind of changing a name of the thread and add June and onwards?:)
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  10. SINP paper based applicant
    Nomination approved: 20-June-2017
    Application sent to CIC, NS, Sydeney : 26-June-2017
    waiting for AOR......
    16 months journey started.......:)
  11. May 9 received
    waiting for AOR
  12. May 19 received
    waiting for AOR!!!
  13. Anyone application received April 6 still waiting for AOR?
  14. I applied for bc pnp on 27feb but still waiting for their decision.i called them and they said your case is under active review. anybody there waiting for bc pnp who applied same time?

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