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::: PNP PAPER BASED APPLICANTS ( Outland) -2018:::

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by daris25, May 29, 2018.

  1. PNP PAPER BASED APPLICANTS ( Outland) just connect here
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  2. Hi Daris,

    Any update for 2018 outland candidates??
  3. Still no updates, April may candidates are waiting for AOR,WHAT IS YOUR STATUS?
  4. Nov received and 10jan aor, waiting now
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  5. What is your status and AORdate ?
  6. Any AOR FOR APRIL & may applicants
  7. its taking 35days to 70days for AOR since 20 march.
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  8. Here is my timeline:

    BC PNP Outland : Paper Based
    PNP: 30-10-2017
    CIC Doc Submit: 22-01-2018
    AOR: 22-02-2018
    Waiting MR ….

    From other forum tracks, I can say that 2018 Outlands have not yet received MR but inlands till FEB AOR have received MR....
  9. Waiting for MR.
    What about you Daris?
  10. Dany any idea up till which month outland candidates has not received MR
  11. I noted few October 17 AOR got MR in May.
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  12. I got nominated in April , waiting for AOR. FILE RECEIVED IN MAY 25th, your AOR date ?
  13. New Brunswick
    PR app successfully received: May 1 2018
    Waiting for AOR

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